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Why Hollywood's top facialist believes hands are the best tools

In an interview with Lounge, Candace Marino, the facialist of Hollywood celebrities like the Kardashian sisters and Miranda Kerr, talks about skincare rules

Candace Marino of The LA Facialist
Candace Marino of The LA Facialist

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There is a reason stars look so good. It’s because they take great care of their skin, and also have the top aestheticians like Candace Marino, better known by Hollywood as "The LA Facialist", on their speed dial. 

Getting a facial before any event or fashion week has become a norm today, with the focus shifting more towards better skin health. And Marino is the go-to facialist for Hollywood stars, including the Kardashian sisters, model Miranda Kerr and social media sensations such as Charli D’Amelio. Marino, who specialises in lymphatic drainage facials, was in Mumbai recently at Le Mill for a pop-up event. 

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In an interview with Lounge, she shared her skincare rules, the mistakes people make when it comes to skincare and her go-to hack for a glowing skin. Edited excerpts:

What are some of the common skincare mistakes people make?

In your 20s, sleeping with your makeup on, not wearing sunscreen and starting cosmetic procedures too soon. Those in their 30s often get too many fillers, which actually makes people look older. In your 40s, it’s not taking care of your skin up until you see signs of ageing.

Your favourite treatments to manage skin ageing?

I believe in a combination approach for anti-ageing and healthy skin and advocate botox, fillers, lasers, peels and facials to achieve the desired outcome. The best way to prevent looking overdone is to work with true professionals who have an aesthetic eye. A true professional will not overfill you; they would want you to look like a person and not a mannequin.

Your favourite skincare technique?

A facial massage helps oxygenate the blood, brings a glow to the skin and is good for lifting, sculpting and lymphatic drainage.

How has the aesthetic industry evolved since you started?

The industry is constantly changing that is why I have been able to sustain a career in it for 15 years. Today, it is trending towards a more beautiful natural look versus a few years ago when everyone was doing a lot of fillers and looking unnatural. The trend now is more towards natural beauty versus sculpted beauty.

The best way to prevent and deal with melasma and hyperpigmentation?

Melasma and hyperpigmentation are one of the biggest concerns across the world. And the best way to prevent and treat melasma is to wear sunscreen every day; it’s non-negotiable. Also people need to wear an antioxidant serum. These products help to coat and protect the cells as a second layer of defence. Yes, you are wearing sunscreen but we need to work on a cellular level to protect from free radical damage. The third step is using pigment inhibitors and retinoids. These ingredients will help suppress the pigment production as well as lift and promote cell turnover, so we are bringing the pigments from deeper layers of skin and helping them shut off.

The biggest error people make when it comes to facials?

People forget to acknowledge that the skin is our largest organ and it needs to be respected. Finding a true professional who understands the physiology of your skin is important. Often people want to go for relaxation and get a treatment, but we forget that health is involved. So the best tip is to find someone truly qualified to treat your skin and all of its conditions. I advise not following fads and working with a skincare professional who can guide you for your skin type.

Your pre-red carpet ritual for stars?

Before a red carpet event, I like to get the skin glowing and radiant. This is always customised for each individual. A great way to achieve that glow is to do gentle exfoliation like a lactic acid peel, some oxygen treatments, hydrating masks, and things that help to de-puff and increase circulation and also drain lymph. So I do a lot of massages.

Your favourite skincare tool?

Things like microcurrent and radio frequency are great ways to stimulate collagen and lift muscles. But I feel that the hands are the best tool as a facialist, so I do a lot of lifting and sculpting massages and feel that it is something a tool cannot replace. Massage is the best way to keep skin healthy and beautiful for a lifetime. I am a huge advocate of daily facial massages.

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