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What if someone picked a handwash for you based on iconic TV folks you adore?

Guess what, we did. Here's a roundup of the latest luxury handwashes in the market tailor-made for you

A range of luxury handwashes have flooded stores. (Collage by Jahnabee Borah.)
A range of luxury handwashes have flooded stores. (Collage by Jahnabee Borah.)

As we move closer to completing 120 days of lockdown, we have had to accept that hand washes won't be leaving our list of essentials anytime soon. And that we'll have to triple or quadruple our monthly order. On the upside, a range of nourishing options which offer a sense of comfort and luxury are now on the market to supplement your standard anti-bacterial fare. And they're reminiscent of relaxing spas instead of chemist shops.

How do you choose between the floral bouquet of Sweet Orange and Lavender and the masculine brusqueness of Mahogany Teakwood? We picked the perfect handwash for you based on iconic TV characters you adore. In the words of Junior Soprano from television's iconic mob drama, The Sopranos:“You steer the ship the best way you know. Sometimes it’s smooth. Sometimes you hit the rocks. In the meantime, you find your pleasures where you can."

  1. Mahogany Teakwood meets Mad Men

The woody, mysterious blend of Bath and Body Works’s Mahogany Teakwood comes closest to the mystery that surrounds Don Draper of Mad Men. 699.

Notes: rich mahogany, black teakwood & dark oak.

2. Rose Jasmine for Sex and the City

Kama Ayurveda’s floral scented rose and jasmine hand cleanser will give Carrie Bradshaw fans a whiff of the phool mandis of their city. 975

Notes: aloe vera juice, rose, jasmine.

3. The clean connection of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Teenagers of the late nineties grew up on a steady diet of F.R.I.E.N.D'S character Rachel Green’s designer-wear collection, and her changing hairstyles. Although the focus was invariably on her wardrobe, we reckon she'd definitely have smelled like this sweet orange, fresh lavender and clary sage concoction. 699

Notes: sweet orange, fresh lavender, clary sage and earthy cedar wood.

4. The villainy of The Sopranos

The paraben-free, tough lemon and aloe vera concoction from The Man Company is a deviant in this list, but it will definitely have some takers. Sometimes, there's more you need to wash off your hands. 249

Notes: neem, aloe aera and lemon oil.

5. A soft-spot for the Simpsons

Marge Simpson, the matriarch of the house, the one who does the dishes, cooks, washes, mops and cleans has complete claim over this ultra rich hand and body wash. 1750

Notes: Packed with shea butter.

6. Twinning with Kenny from South Park

With a lingering smell of mangoes, this formula comes packaged in a bottle that doubles-up as the colour card of South Park’s silent but unmissable character, Kenny. 900

Notes: mango.

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