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These Y2K-inspired makeup looks are perfect for Halloween

Two makeup artists decode cool looks from an era that made velour tracksuits, double denim and wearing skirts over jeans a thing 

‘Cher is, of course, an icon. One of my absolute favourite looks is her Y2K comeback; it’s not just me, it’s a look loved by everyone,’ says Simone Chakravarty, trainer and celebrity makeup artist. (Courtesy Instagram/@thepopgoddess)

We love the shift dresses of the 1960s, bell bottoms from the 1970s, the padded shoulders of the 1980s, and biker shorts and grunge looks from the 1990s. When it comes to the fashion from the noughties or the 2000s, however, there’s more hate than love for the era that strangely made velour tracksuits, double denim and wearing skirts over jeans cool. 

While trends from this era are making a comeback, if you too believe that the aesthetic horrors of this era are better left behind, it’s best that you reserve this era for your Halloween looks this season. Styling spooks aside, there were some stars who adapted to this era in their own unique way. We get two celebrity makeup artists to decode cool looks for your Halloween party from this era.

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Millennium Cher

Name an era of fashion which singer Cher hasn’t aced. “Cher is very much like Halloween, she’s around every year, whether you like it or not. For me, I love Halloween and love Cher even more. Cher is like a beauty time capsule, I believe her looks represent perfectly the look of each decade, she’s been on the money from the 1960s. For me, one of my absolute favourite looks is her Y2K comeback; it’s not just me, it’s a look loved by everyone,” says Simone Chakravarty, trainer and celebrity makeup artist.

Here's how to get the look:

Cher has an almost porcelain skin, with matte finish foundation and strong reddish pigmented blush going from the sides of the apples of her cheeks until the temple. Use an angled brush to create a deep cheek contour to give you that classic chiselled Cher cut.

Pick a ruby red, satin finish lip colour and pair it with a lip liner almost two shades darker to give the lips a full, plump effect.

For eyes, start with darker shades of brown toward the outer corners of the eye and define it. Use a shimmery eyeshadow, such as a light silver-ish tone, and add it to the inner corners. Enhance the eye shape by adding a brown shimmery smudge on the lower lash line. Add single lashes with an extra coat of mascara to open up the eyes. Brows need to be well-plucked thin brows with an arch.

For hair, it's poker-straight hair, without a single fly away. Finish with a fringe. If you don't have one, don't worry, much like most Cher looks, you can buy or hire a fake fringe from most beauty stores.

Cady Heron from Mean Girls

“(As a makeup artist) I am loving the comeback of the Y2K trend because of the super fun looks with pinks and blues, holographic eyes and super glossy lips. The pop culture during the 2000s with Britney Spears wearing glitter and stars on the face in her music videos created a fun trend for the young. Defined liners with pastel blushes and glossy lips was the ultimate 2000s trend,” says celebrity makeup artist Neha Seehra. She adds that Cady Heron’s look from the 2004 movie Mean Girls (played by Lindsay Lohan) was inspired by everything shiny and had a candy floss vibe. “Cady’s cheeks were blushed with pastel pink, and paired with bright, glossy lips. Her glam look had bushy brows and deeply kohled eyes with pastel glossy lips and cheeks.”

Here's how to get the look:

Prep the skin well with a good moisturiser and primer for natural, long-lasting makeup. Choose a concealer and apply it to the uneven skin tone to cover any pigmentation or redness. Don’t forget to apply some concealer on the eyelids to cover any discolouration and create a good base for eyeshadow. Apply a sheer finish foundation, and you can add some illuminating product to achieve naturally glowing skin.

Use a translucent powder all over the face and eyelids to set the makeup.

For eyes, apply a matte eyeshadow matching the skin colour, with pink hues to get a natural finish on the eye. Use a black kohl pencil and apply it on the upper lash line and smudge it with a dark brown eyeshadow to give an almost natural-looking eyeliner look. Repeat for the lower lash line. Intensify the colour if needed.

Apply pastel matte pink blush to add freshness. Keep the lips in shades of pinks or coral hues. Add a little bit of illuminator or highlighter to make the lips pop out. You could add gloss to make them look plumper and more glam.

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