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The trick to get healthy hair, according to Mira Rajput Kapoor

In an interview with Lounge, the content creator talks about haircare, use of chemicals in beauty, and being Schwarzkopf Professional's first hair muse in India

Mira Rajput Kapoor
Mira Rajput Kapoor

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If there's one suggestion Mira Rajput Kapoor would like to give for haircare, it would be to strike a good balance between age-old practices, the ones our mothers and grandmothers followed, and the advice of hair experts. Just don't follow anyone blindly, she suggests. 

The content creator recently became hair expert brand Schwarzkopf Professional's first-ever hair muse in India

In an interview with Lounge, Rajput Kapoor talks about haircare, use of chemicals in beauty, and her association with Schwarzkopf Professional. Edited excerpts:

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There's a lot of conversation around the use of natural ingredients when it comes to haircare. What's the message you want to give through this association?

When it comes to natural ingredients, I do find them effective. External aggressors like pollution, exposure to heat styling tools/products and stress can negatively impact our tresses. Our hair, therefore, requires expert care and Schwarzkopf Professional is where my trust lies. So a good balance between age-old practices and expertise, effective haircare is what I believe in.

Is there a hair trend you wish didn't exist?

Extremely tight high ponytails. They make for a glamorous look but can really pull on your hair and cause breakage or even traction alopecia at the hairline.

In a market crowded with haircare products, what's your strategy to pick a product for yourself?

It has been a journey as I took a while to understand my hair. Earlier, I always wanted to go against my hair type. I used to carry a hair straightener with me everywhere. But I realized it is important to embrace the natural texture of your hair. There are certain factors I keep in mind: If you live in a region where you have seasonal changes you will need to change your products depending on the weather. Some product ingredients are good to use at certain times and not others. In the beginning, you are going to have some hits and a lot of misses. There really is no avoiding some trial and error. However, once you find what works for you, it will change your life. You can never go wrong with a qualified hair expert’s recommendation.

Are you very particular about the way your hair looks?

Earlier, I was looking for my hair to look like something else—that would be more conducive to heat styling, blow drying, and straightening. Now I am in love with them in their natural state. After following a strict routine, I can feel my hair is better. Nothing is better than a good hair day even if it's tied up in a bun.

Given the increased use of hair straighteners/styling products in today's Instagram-obsessed world, what's your trick to keep your hair safe?

I agree. It becomes very important to protect the hair for it to keep looking healthy and strong for longer. I always use a heat protection spray before using heat tools; this has been life-changing for my strands.

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