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The makeup theme of 2022: euphoria

Two celebrity makeup artists share their tips and tricks for the look of the year

This year, people want to indulge in ‘surreal glamour’ when it comes to makeup.
This year, people want to indulge in ‘surreal glamour’ when it comes to makeup. (Courtesy Daniel Bauer Academy)

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If 2020 made us realise the importance of skincare over makeup, 2021 ramp and Insta-beauty trends burst out with easy-to-do colourful eye looks as lockdown rules started easing. And in 2022, experts say, the trend of euphoric makeup will continue.

“A sense of rebellion is taking over. We want to be brazen, bold, and most of all, be noticed. For millions, makeup will be an avenue to explore this newfound mischievousness. It’s all about something more glamorous than reality, it's all about surreal glamour,” says celebrity hair and makeup artist Daniel Bauer. 

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And it’s not just bright neons, but also bright matte and pastel eyeshadows that you can play with, giving you the freedom to create a subtle-yet-bold-day look that’s visible above the mask. “Neon makeup is back in a big and loud way. From colour coordinating your eye makeup with your outfits, or just a one-and-done product. Neon eyeliners are the most purchased makeup product this season. Armed with a no-makeup look foundation, you only need to ace a neon liner to grab all the likes and attention you want,” explains Bauer. You can either draw a simple winged eye with eyeliner or even create tiny geometric patterns to match a winged eye for a tad more high fashion look. Pantone’s colour for 2022, Very Peri, is also a great colour to experiment with for single-colour looks. 

You need to be careful with matt eyeshadows, though (inspirations being Cher, and matte blue eyeshadow like 1960s model Twiggy). Bauer says that they often look amazing in the store, but the colour payoff fails to meet expectations when applied on the skin. The shades can look dull and muted. His method is to first conceal the eyes with a light foundation, and let it settle for a few minutes. This gives a light base for your bright eyeshadows to pop. And for a little added depth, Bauer likes to dampen the brush with water to instantly intensify the colour. You can also use glitter eyeshadows in bright colours, or top a bright eyeshadow with some glitter to use a different texture for your look.

“Since we are all wearing masks, and one can’t show the full face, I think people are making use of the fact that one can experiment with pop colours for the eyes. I am a big fan of doing one simple neon or bright colour on the eye,” says celebrity makeup artist Shraddha Inder Mehta. Mehta also suggests creating a good base to colour-correct and create an even base to make the eyeshadow pop. “I start with priming the eyes. While it’s super essential to prime the eye it’s also essential to have a white or light base on the eye so that the colour sits well. And if you want to use multiple colours, the trick is to layer each one of them one by one,” says Mehta. 

Once you are done priming your eyes, just pick your favourite bright colour and apply it till the crease. Tread carefully, and always start with a little product. “Limit yourself to the lid area from the inner corner till the outer corner. A little goes a long way with shades. Blend well. To give bright eyes a finishing touch, always finish off with a stroke of black eyeliner and mascara. This lends a polished touch to the look and tones down the overall effect of the colours greatly,” suggests Mehta.

Great makeup is all about a great shade. “Sometimes it’s expensive and sometimes highly affordable. I rarely just use one shade from one brand. I always mix and match for the perfect shade. In my kit, you’ll always find eyeshadows from Tom Ford, Chanel, Mac and Kay Beauty,” says Bauer.

But don’t forget your brows. The popularity of shows such as RuPaul’s Drag Race and Glow Up, have made makeup lovers witness the transformative power of either concealing brows or shading them in pop colours like reds and orange, says Bauer. “To conceal the brows, rub a water-based glue, like Fevistick on to the brows and let the glue set. This sounds scary but is completely harmless. Then apply a dark shade of concealer directly on the brows, covering it up completely and there you have it--concealed brows, on which you can then draw and create any eyebrow shape,” says Bauer. You can also bleach your brows and play with temporary colours for your choice.

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