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Summer bride? Follow an expert’s beauty timeline for a glow up

Getting ready for your big day begins months in advance. Stay on top of it with our timeline 

Exfoliate at least twice a week to slough off dead skin cells 
Exfoliate at least twice a week to slough off dead skin cells  (Unsplash)

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Have a wedding coming up and aren't sure what your pre-wedding beauty routine should be? Here's a comprehensive list of everything you'll need for glowing, flawless skin on your wedding day.

Serums and target treatments: Multi vitamins and facial serums with active ingredients for target treatment should start 8 months prior to your big day. Skin takes time and most routines need to be followed for a few months to show results. For your skin to look flawless, glowing and radiant, start a skincare routine with a facial serum and your multi vitamins a few months in advance.

Exfoliate: During this time, also use a gentle scrub or roller at least twice a week to slough off any excess dead skin cells without stripping off the skin’s moisture.

Trial Facials: Try your facial treatment at least twice 3 months before your D-day to see the suitability of the treatment to your skin. Never do a facial that you’ve not tried before just before your wedding, as it may not suit you and can have adverse reaction on your skin.

Hydrate: Start monitoring your water and fluid intake 3 months in advance and ensure that you stay especially well hydrated in the 2 days before your big day.

Eye Cream & Beauty Sleep: Start using an eye cream and make sure that you get 8 hours of beauty sleep every night starting at least 2 months before the wedding. The stress of all the wedding preparations usually shows up around the eyes first, so looking after your precious eyes and keeping them well-nourished and rested will help you on your big day.

Makeup trial: Book a trial makeup session with your makeup artist a month in advance to plan your look around your outfits and jewellery.

Buying makeup: At the same time, buy a lip colour for touch-ups on the big day that works close to the colour your makeup artist plans to use. Ask them for guidance. 

Brow Shaping: Get your brows waxed or threaded a week prior to your big day to avoid last minute redness or irritation. You may use a pair of tweezers a day before to pluck out any extras.

Hair removal: Get your waxing and hair removal done 5 days before the wedding so your skin has time to heal.

Enjoy your day!

Chandni Goyal is Training Manager with the luxury beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills India 

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