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Skincare at home

Taking care of your skin is important even when you are spending time indoors

Use sunscreen if you are around natural light. istockphoto
Use sunscreen if you are around natural light. istockphoto

We are spending most of our time indoors these days and it might seem like our skin can take a breather from the sun and pollution. But skincare is still important. ​

Just as experts advise that we continue to work out, the skin too needs regular attention. Cosmetic scientist Aneesh Sheth, co-founder of skincare brand Dr Sheth’s, emphasizes the use of sunscreen: “You have to wear sunscreen with SPF even if you are not going out. Indian skin—which is rich in melanin—is prone to getting damaged by UV rays. As long as you are around windows and natural light, you are exposed to them."​

Since many of us are working from home, there’s a high chance that we are spending more time in front of our screens. Sheth says: “The skin colour is also prone to pigmentation with blue light that’s emitted from these screens. For that I would also recommend using a blue light filter."

Long exposure to blue light makes the skin more susceptible to UV pollution. A topical cream or mist, rich with antioxidants, helps form a protective barrier.​

Practising skincare may seem like a challenge at the moment with the ‘avoid touching your face’ advice, but beauty tools such as crystal rollers, gua shas from traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic kansa (bell metal) wands might come in handy.

Massaging with crystal rollers and gua shas is said to increase blood circulation and aid lymphatic drainage to remove toxins from the body. However, Sheth adds, “I haven’t read any data to suggest that it does anything more than make you feel nice."​

Kansa (an alloy of copper and tin) has alkaline properties and is said to balance out the acidic toxins on the skin and in the lymphatic system. Rajni Ohri, founder of skincare brand Ohria Ayurveda, which makes kansa wands, says: “Copper’s anti-bacterial properties are effective on the skin, more than the topical properties of crystal rollers and gua shas."

Sheth also advises people to try masks, peels, facial oils, acids or even home-made regimens. Make sure though that your products are fresh and your face has been washed.

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