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Self care is extremely important to me, says Deepika Padukone

As 82°E completes one year, the actor-enterpreneur and Jigar Shah talk about the evolution of their self-care brand and future plans

Actor Deepika Padukone
Actor Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone wants 82°E, the brand she co-created and launched in November 2022, to stand for “self care”. 

“Self care is extremely, extremely important to me,” she says. “And I want this brand to remind people about the importance of self-care.”

To mark the first anniversary of her brand, the founders launched mini versions of 10 of 82°E’s popular skincare products: Lotus Splash, Sugarcane Soak, Ashwagandha Bounce, Cucumber Quench, Gotu Kola Dew, Bakuchiol Slip, Turmeric Shield, Licorice Beam, Patchouli Glow and Manjistha Mud.

In an interview with Lounge, Padukone and Shah talk about the evolution of their beauty brand and future plans. Edited excerpts:

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The mini collection, launched in November, to mark 82°E's first anniversary
The mini collection, launched in November, to mark 82°E's first anniversary

What prompted you to start 82°E?

Deepika Padukone (DP): Years before we actually started working on 82°E, it was clear in my mind that I was ready to start my own brand. I wanted a brand that focused on self care, because it's the most authentic and honest expression of who I am. Self care is extremely important to me.

Plus, as a customer, I felt we had reached a phase where skincare had become extremely complex and complicated. Today, there are as many routines as  complex ingredients. You have to choose between products backed by Ayurveda and science. 

When we started working on the brand, we realised it was actually a consumer pain point. So, we thought why not simplify skincare and put everything together—combine natural Indian ingredients with those supported by science? When we took this brief to our R&D team, they seemed pretty confident. And that's how 82°E happened. It's made for the everyone across the world but is Indian at heart.  

The beauty segment is exploding at the moment. What's your strategy for staying ahead?

DP: As far as product offerings are concerned, I think we're very clear about the fact that we are a self-care brand. And like I said earlier, we are here to simplify skincare. All of our products fall within the cleanse, hydrate and protect framework. 

Beyond that, I think everything else that we do is transparent. I think one year later, we're sitting here having this conversation and talking about the brand's first year says something. Of course, with any celebrity brand, there is bound to be initial speculation. But the fact that we are still popular shows our dedication to the brand. I think as long as you put your head down, and remain true to your purpose, you're on the right track and don't have to think too much about competition.

What kind of growth have you seen in the past one year?

Jigar Shah (JS): I can't share any revenue numbers with you but I can tell you the repeat rates we're seeing. Around the time of the launch, we were about 20% (repeat rate). By September 2023, we had hit 60%, which is quite incredible considering the sheer number of players in the market. 

We are now looking expanding our products line and presence, both online and offline, details of which I can't share right now.

Could you talk about your customers… who are they?

JS: These products are for everyone, though the target audience is in the 25-35 age group. 82°E is for someone who believes in beauty both inside and outside.

DP: I think, from an emotional perspective, 82°E is for anyone who believes that self care is important. We engage with our customers in a way to educate them about skincare and make more informed choices.  

Deepika, what does beauty or skincare mean to you?

DP: Beauty, for me, is to be able to truly express who you are. It's when you feel the most centred, the most confident, the most healthy, both physically and emotionally. That's beauty for me.

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