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How to get the FROW look

A guide to help you decode some of the recent celebrity looks —all perfect for office, evenings as well as a Valentine’s Day date

(from left) Zendaya and Jennifer Lopez (in white coat) at Schiaparelli's Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2024 collection show  in Paris on 22 January
(from left) Zendaya and Jennifer Lopez (in white coat) at Schiaparelli's Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2024 collection show in Paris on 22 January (AP)

The recently concluded Paris Haute Couture Week had some viral moments for fashion and make-up lovers. One of the most avant-garde looks was during the Maison Margiela presentation last week, where Pat McGrath brought glass skin back in the most refined way, making the models look like porcelain dolls. While the British make-up artist hasn’t revealed her tricks, several artists, enthusiasts and make-up lovers across the world have put out online videos and Reels with some probable theories.

YouTuber James Charles, for instance, made a video using Kryolan’s Liquid Glass to get the look, which led to the product getting sold out on several websites. It wasn’t Liquid Glass though. Many layers of a peel-off gel mask, diluted with water, seems to be the answer, as make-up artist Erin Parsons revealed in her video earlier this week.

“Pat McGrath always nails it,” says Mumbai-based celebrity make-up artist Vibha Gusain. “It was one of the few high fashion looks this season.” The others were subtle skin and bows in hair (and on clothes), along with sleek hairstyles, that were visible among the front-row, or FROW, attendees as well.

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Actor-singer Jennifer Lopez wore a Schiaparelli jacket custom-made with 7,000 real rose petals, kept fresh with a mixture of sugar and water. She let all the focus be on the jacket with a classic, simple bob with upturned ends. “With clean lines, smooth texture and impeccable polish, this bob variation exudes a sense of sleekness that is both timeless and fash- ion-forward,” says Mumbai-based celebrity hair and make-up artist Florian Hurel. His other favourite FROW attendee from the couture week was actor Zendaya. “Her look was very Gen Z; the make-up has a slightly wet-looking shine that sets it apart, and shimmery or metallic eye-shadow helped add that sparkle,” Hurel says. Talking about Kylie Jenner’s corset dress, complimented with natural make-up, at Jean Paul Gaultier’s show, Hurel says it was all about “effortless and chic fashion”.

While McGrath’s glass doll look might be too experimental for your daily outings, we decided to put together a make-up guide to help you decode the easier, subtle celebrity looks that can work for office meetings, evening parties as well as your forthcoming Valentine’s Day date. What’s more, these tips, by Gusain, complement all skin tones.

Jennifer Lopez

To achieve her look, begin with a slightly heavier base, with a full coverage foundation. uUtilisesculptingtechniquestocreatea chiselled appearance. One can apply a bronzer to contour the face and then use a deeper contour shade for sculpting, thereby enhancing facial definition.  

To brighten the under-eye area, use a little brighter concealer and set it with a setting powder. The outcome is a semi-matte look, with highlights added to the high points of the face. 

The lips should be defined with a lip liner to appear fuller, with a glossy finish for a plump and fresh appearance.

For the eyes, use black and brown shades to define and lift them. The use of a thin eyeliner on the upper lash line and waterline will contribute to a lifted effect.


The goal here is to achieve a nice, dewy medium coverage for the base. Remember to add a bronzed blush to get that sunkissed glow. The eyes and lips are the stars of this look. Using a brown shade, shape the eyes by creating a corner and make a smooth crease. Next, apply shimmer eye shadows or play with metallics. You can also top it with speckles of loose glitter.

For lips, line them with a dark brown colour that also contours their shape. Fill in with a lighter shade to create a blended and smooth effect. Don’t forget to use a brush to blur out any harsh lines. And if you prefer that extra shine, add a gloss.

Kylie Jenner

For this look, the skin has to look clean and flawless to match the out-of-the-bed curls. Use a concealer to camouflage spots and a dewy foundation that gives good coverage. Use some blush to add a pop of colour. 

When it comes to defining the face only do areas that you feel need them, because the idea is to get a fresh and natural look. The brows need to look natural, so fill in only if you have sparse brows.

The eyes are simple and understated. Just add a touch of mascara to enhance the lashes. If you need to add a subtle definition, use a nude eyeshadow shade to define them. Just ensure they look more natural.  To create fuller lips, use a lip-plumping gloss that makes lips fuller, temporarily. Keep it on for some time, and then line your lips and finish with a nude lip colour of your choice with a velvet finish.

Dhara Vora Sabhnani is a Mumbai- based writer.

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