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What skincare means to Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kiara Advani and Suhana Khan

In an interview, the three actors talk about what beauty means to them, their association with Tira, and their go-to skincare hacks

Actors Kiara Advani, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Suhana Khan
Actors Kiara Advani, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Suhana Khan

Tira, the omni-channel beauty retail platform, has announced the launch of its first campaign, “For Every You”, featuring actors Kareena Kapoor Khan, Kiara Advani and Suhana Khan. 

Aiming to raise awareness about the role of beauty and how people use it to express themselves, the campaign by Tira, launched by Reliance Retail Ltd, was announced on 31 August. 

Speaking on the campaign, Isha Ambani, director of Reliance Retail Ventures Ltd, says, “This campaign is not just about beauty; it's about embracing individuality and encouraging everyone to own their beauty choices."

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In an interview with Mint Lounge, the three actors talk about what beauty means to them, their association with Tira, and their go-to skincare hacks. Edited excerpts: 

What's your idea of beauty?

Kareena Kapoor Khan: I don't think anyone can truly define beauty since it's such a personal concept, and it varies for each individual. In my perspective, it involves feeling self-assured and at ease in your own skin. My viewpoint on beauty revolves around nurturing self-love and personal development.

Kiara Advani: To me, beauty begins on the inside, with feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin. Embracing who I am with confidence is the essence of beauty for me.

Suhana Khan: For me, beauty is about feeling content and confident in your own skin. It's an inner sense of self-assurance that radiates outward. It's not defined by external standards, but by how you perceive and carry yourself.

Could you tell us about your association with Tira.

Kareena Kapoor Khan: What I really love about this association is that Tira encourages people to be unapologetically themselves. It's about loving every part of who you are, and feeling strong and sure from the inside. I'm thrilled to be part of this effort that encourages people to feel beautiful in their own way, just like I've always been myself on and off camera.

Kiara Advani: To me, beauty means loving and celebrating how special you are. It's not about following rules, but about being proud of who you really are. "Tira for Every You" is like a big cheer for embracing our unique beauty and different and unique versions of ourselves, and I think that's truly amazing.

Suhana Khan: For me, Tira really embodies the “you do you” mindset. Tira's commitment to inclusivity, authenticity, and self-expression resonates deeply with me.

What do you look for in a beauty product?

Kareena Kapoor Khan: As a mother of two, I always gravitate towards beauty products that are quick, easy and fuss free to use. High quality and effectiveness is something I always look out for. I am usually a classic girl and smokey eyes with a red lip is my go to products as I feel they can elevate any look.  

Kiara Advani:  I look for skincare and makeup products that really work for my skin type and needs. I’m always on-the-go, so I look for products that I can even apply in the back of a car! 

Suhana Khan: I look for products that are new and statement-making—I like staying ahead of the curve. 

Your favourite beauty hacks?

Kareena Kapoor Khan: I love icing my face. Dunking my face in a bowl of ice or using an ice-cold spoon under my eyes really wakes me up and depuffs my skin.

Kiara Advani: I love an oil champi (massage). It really makes my hair feels soft, silky and healthy. 

Suhana Khan: I love underpainting. I apply my contour and concealer and blend it in, and then I layer foundation or a skin tint on top. 

Skincare is more than just about how the skin looks from the outside. It's also part of self-care…

Kareena Kapoor Khan: Absolutely, skincare is a holistic concept that goes beyond mere external appearances. It's a fundamental part of self-care, reflecting the way we value and nurture ourselves. For me, skincare isn't solely about achieving a certain look; it's a ritual that connects me to myself. Taking care of my skin is an act of self-love, and an essential part of my journey towards a healthier and more balanced lifestyle

Kiara Advani: I couldn't agree more. Skincare is a reflection of how we prioritize ourselves, it's a meaningful act of self-care. Taking care of our skin is a way to connect with ourselves, to unwind, and to show love and respect to our bodies. It's a reminder to slow down, be present, and invest in our overall well-being. For me, skincare is a way to feel good both inside and out – it's a form of self-expression and self-nurturing that contributes to a positive and confident outlook

Suhana Khan: I strongly believe that skincare goes beyond surface level. Our skin serves as a mirror to our overall well-being, and taking care of it is a way of showing kindness to ourselves.

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