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Beauty talk with Teresa Tarmey

  • London-based skincare specialist Teresa Tarmey has launched her first residency in India
  • Tarmey’s clientele includes celebrities like Kate Moss and Sienna Miller

What do supermodel Kate Moss and actors Naomie Harris and Sienna Miller have in common? It’s Teresa Tarmey’s famed facials. Now, the renowned London-based facialist has launched her skincare residency at Mumbai’s Four Seasons hotel.

Among the many treatments on offer—which Tarmey has perfected over two decades—is her celebrated Signature Facial. “It was curated to suit all skin types. The hour-long regime involves deep cleaning, sculpting, lifting and giving you the ultimate glow, " says Tarmey. It comprises ingredients such as lactic acid, which keeps the skin moisturized. Skincare techniques such as radiofrequency (“nonablative radiofrequency" is a procedure commonly used to treat skin laxity) and cryotherapy are integrated into the facial as well. Tarmey claims that when performed together, these procedures result in quite a noticeable difference in the skin.

With the Four Seasons studio, she aims to cater to specific skin concerns faced by her Indian clientele. Since Indian skin can be melanin-rich, she suggests sufficient use of SPF. “Due to harsh sun exposure, the skin is easily susceptible to dark spots and pigmentation. Thus, it’s important to wear a good broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30, even if it is cloudy or raining," says Tarmey. Her favourite sunscreen comes from Heliocare’s range of photoprotective products. Another tip: “Constant exposure to dirt and pollution makes the skin look tired easily. This is where cleansing and hydration play a very important role in one’s regime."

Of course, facials alone can’t provide one with good skin. “Maintaining healthy skin takes time and patience. Along with following a good skincare regime, what matters is what’s happening on the inside. One’s diet, water intake, sleep cycle and lifestyle play a very important role," she says, indicating the necessity of a holistic approach to skincare. “Physical and mental wellbeing matter too."

Tarmey is a pioneer when it comes to trying and testing new techniques and substances. Along with implementing procedures such as microneedling (which lets the skin absorb vitamins) and LED facials (which brighten the skin), she recommends retinol, a vitamin that is used as an ingredient in skincare products. An anti-ageing compound, retinol stimulates the production of collagen, thereby reducing wrinkling and fine lines. “I am a huge fan of retinol as it keeps the skin fresh, clean and glowing," says Tarmey.

What next? She plans to launch her own retinoid formula in two weeks.

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