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Beautiful and bizarre things to buy: From Inspiring Women Gift Set to Green Rasa Chair

In this weekly compendium of objects of desire, also a Vanities column by Swapan Seth

Inspiring Women Gift Set by Mattel.
Inspiring Women Gift Set by Mattel.

Serious Toys: Inspiring Women Gift Set by Mattel

You can now make your superhero collection more inclusive with Mattel’s latest Inspiring Women range, meant for children and adult collectors. The gift set features three women: mathematician Katherine Johnson (the movie Hidden Figures was based on her life), aviator Amelia Earhart, and artist Frida Kahlo—though Kahlo herself might have been displeased with the scanty unibrow and
clean upper lip.

At; Rs5,262.

Sheer Jasmine Elation by Teabox.

Kitchen Love: Sheer Jasmine Elation by Teabox

Teabox’s range of loose leaf blends and dip bags are sourced from the country’s best tea gardens—Darjeeling, Assam and the Nilgiris. This jasmine-infused floral green tea with marigold notes promises instant rejuvenation. At; Rs849.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+.

Tracking Tool: Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

Taking a cue from Pantone’s colour of the year (ultraviolet), Samsung’s new flagship
phones will now be available in lilac purple. Available for pre-orders at; Rs57,900 and Rs64,900 (S9+) for 64 GB variants.

Green Rasa Chair by Limón

Hot Seat: Green Rasa Chair by Limón

The Delhi-based design studio’s new range of statement furniture and home accents features the pop-hued designs of graphic artist Shweta Malhotra. This vibrant sea-green chair is screen-printed by hand and can bring tropical vibes right into your living room. At; Rs35,000.

‘The Indian Vegetarian Cookbook’ by Pushpesh Pant

Tracking Titles: ‘The Indian Vegetarian Cookbook’ by Pushpesh Pant

The noted food historian brings together more than 150 easy and authentic vegetarian recipes for the conscious eater in this richly illustrated book. Available on; Rs2,260.


Polar Seal, ‘warmth on demand’ jacket

By Invitation: Vanities

An ode to things you don’t need but must have

This week: Polar Seal, ‘warmth on demand’ jacket

Robert Byrne was right as rain when he said, “Winter is nature’s way of saying, ‘Up yours.’"

Now that winter is over, I have to say I have a deep dislike for it. Your feet are suffocated in socks all day and night. Each time you step out to smoke, the cold wave sends a shiver shrieking down your spine. But worst of all is the entire concept of layering. It gives me deep sartorial stress. Layers are for club sandwiches. Not tony gents.

Now I have some of the waywardness of winter under control. I have a heated mousepad and a heated mouse. What I did not have was sartorial salivation. Until I bumped into Polar Seal. It promised “warmth on demand" .

Basically, it is a jacket that integrates ultra-thin, flexible and patented warming elements that transport you from potential hypothermia to tender toastiness in 10 seconds flat. It gives you a choice of two heating zones—upper back and lower back. And three heating levels: low, medium and high. All of these are controlled by rubber, LED-lit, shock- and water-proof buttons on your sleeves.

You hook it up to a standard USB power bank that hides in your pocket (the jacket doesn’t come with a power bank, though). Of course, it can be washed. All you do is yank the power bank out.

(Polar Seal is available on for $179, or around Rs11,600. Shipping is free.)

Swapan Seth is CEO, Equus

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