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2020: The year of DIY self-care and Zoom call make-up

From face rollers, homemade body packs, no-make-up make-up looks, here are some notable trends from the year that was

Through the pandemic, many resorted to pampering themselves and using make-up as an expression to uplift the spirits and make sense of the situation. (iStock)

Be it fashion, food, entertainment or beauty, the pandemic determined the trends for every industry in 2020. As people spent more time indoors with no big events marked on the planner, the focus shifted on the self and looking inwards. We searched the Internet not just for the latest updates on the vaccine but for newer ways to deal with stress, anxiety and other health issues on our own. Many resorted to pampering themselves and using make-up as an expression to uplift the spirits and make sense of the situation. Here’s what will be remembered of make-up and skin-care trends of 2020.

DIY care: No scope for an appointment with your colourist meant that many people resorted to cutting and colouring their hair. Many even went for a drastic colour change to make things exciting. There was also an increase in DIY skincare, with us putting everything from eggs to aloe vera on our face. The Internet is full of DIY face masking and exfoliating tips and tricks, with celebrities also taking to Insta to share their kitchen ingredient mask recipes. “DIY skincare was a trend that quickly died as the lockdown extended. Not everything natural is good for the skin and can often make the skin more sensitive. This is also why the trend died a post the lockdown because so many people were developing rashes,” says Kiran Sethi of Isya Aesthetics, Delhi. She adds that since at-home facials became so popular, there has also been a rise in the number of facial massage courses.

Face tools: Lockdown beauty routines are now a thing, where you aren’t just slathering on multiple products on the face but also improving their efficacy by including tools in your regime. Tools like face rollers help reduce facial tension and improve the absorption of products. “Everyone was using their face rollers left, right and centre on their serums. Rollers promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage,” says Dr Sethi.

Skin actives: Skincare has now taken a positive turn where we aren’t talking about skin lightening but skin brightening, which involves evening out the skin texture and targeting pigmentation and dark spots. Keeping this in mind two skincare actives that have emerged as heroes in the world of serums are vitamin C and retinol. “The benefits of citamin C are many so I hope it continues to trend in 2021 too. Retinol and how to use them was also something women of all ages were talking about,” says Dr Sethi. Retinol gained popularity because it promised to treat acne, fine lines, skin discolouration, and increases collagen production.

Make-up: Go Bare or go bold

The Zoom face: “All make-up trends effectively come from a designer’s collection, they trigger the trends. But this year, the biggest trend was crowdsourced, the Zoom face,” says celebrity hair and make-up artist Daniel Bauer. Zoom and Instagram Live videos contributed to the biggest trend this year. “We were not looking at the person but how the person lives, what’s their house like, and everyone tried to present the most perfect version of their ordinary self, without showing that they have make-up on,” says Bauer. For example, a messy bun was not just hair hurriedly tied up before a call, but a symmetrical messy bun with the right amount of wisps pulled out to make it perfectly natural. Bauer adds that in 2021 there will be growing importance on the role of a beautiful base for day-to-day makeup, making correctors, primers and concealers a part of every girls' makeup kit. “Men got in the game too, and concealer and correctors are now big in guy make-up,” says Bauer. “It wasn’t the magazine cover or Instagram who set trends, the real beauty owner was Jane or Sanjana in accounts. The idea was that make-up shouldn’t always make you look beautiful but make you feel great. It wasn’t just about the perfect look, but ‘I did it’. Which is why we saw elaborate eye make-up looks with eyeliners touching the nose.”

What’s in store for 2021?

Whether you see it or not, there will be lots of make-up in 2021, says Bauer. “People perfected their make-up techniques under lockdown and 2021 will see bold and playful shapes and shades on eyes with unconventional colour combinations. Bold red lips will be everywhere, so will be perfectly undone looks.”

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