Friday, 15 January 2021

How 'Hallyu' became key to Korea's business boom in India

The next tide from Korea is bringing brands set up by Koreans who have lived in India for years—and they are coasting on India’s longstanding love for K-pop, K-dramas, food and beauty

How Goa's holiday homes have weathered the pandemic

The state has the highest proportion of holiday homes in the country, a trend that’s hurting the local environment and culture

Once a ‘liar-moonji’, always a ‘liar-face’

According to the brains who have studied the liar 'moonji' phenomena or the Munchausen by Internet phenomena, compulsive liars want to control other people’s reactions. And that they just can’t seem to stop

Trending: Young India's shift to thrift

Gen Z entrepreneurs of Instagram thrift stores are meeting youngsters' need to be mindful shoppers

Saif Ali Khan: 'At the core, it is the story of Chanakya'

Saif Ali Khan talks political dramas, the Roman Empire, fatherhood and his new series, ‘Tandav’

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