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Varied Paths, One Destination: Choosing Your Path to Wellness

Health is a state of body, wellness is a state of being. - J. Stanford

From ancient practices to modern sciences, a focus towards wellness spans across history.
From ancient practices to modern sciences, a focus towards wellness spans across history.

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Life is not governed by what you have but what you are. With all the things money can buy, wellness is an aspect one has to aspire and strive for- take conscious decisions to invest in elevating one’s quality of life. From ancient practices to modern sciences, a focus towards wellness spans across history.

For ages, people across cultures have experimented with various forms of physical, mental and spiritual wellness. From Greek and Roman mineral springs to Chinese practice of acupuncture to the Indian Ayurvedic system, every culture is ingrained with varied forms of activities focused towards promoting holistic wellbeing. Today these activities are crossing borders and have become available for wellness seekers to immerse themselves in.

Lifestyle Choices by Avendus Wealth Management
Lifestyle Choices by Avendus Wealth Management

Moving beyond the luxuries of owning, people are shifting towards experiencing a whole new way of loving and caring for oneself. The quest for ideal physical and mental fitness has made the wellness industry – spanning across sectors such as beauty, fashion, travel, and fitness – one of the world’s fastest-growing market segments. In fact, according to a recent study by theGlobal Wellness Institute, the wellness industry is currently valued at a jaw-dropping $4.5 trillion and is continuing to grow at a historically exponential rate.

From wellness travel trips to mindfulness to yogic living- everything comes back to finding a unison with what’s around us and what’s inside us. While it is impossible to curate all the varied trends that have taken the industry by storm, here are a few unique ones that you might want to take a note of.

Sensory Rejuvenation

We are blessed with five senses which govern all our experiences- the senses which we often unknowingly take for granted. By recharging these senses, you can revitalize your body and mind while experiencing a new-found energy in your daily routine. If you enjoy sensory stimulation and wish to explore some interesting and effective ways to do so, here are a few activities to try:

Sowa Rigpa: Balancing your Bio-energies

Your first tryst with Sowa Rigpa could take you through a journey you would never have discovered on your own. Sowa Rigpa, meaning ‘the science of healing’, is a tibetan form of medicine infused with knowledge and techniques from Ayurveda, Chinese and Greek medicine. This system, passed on only through guru-shishya or lineage, has a four-fold aim of preventing illness, curing illness, extending life, and cultivating happiness.Originated in India around 2500 years ago, this ancient form of healing is practiced in the trans-himalayan regions and has over 1000 practitioners currently in India, according to Government data.

Sowa Rigpa aims to balance Tridosha and five cosmophysical energies (wind, fire, water, earth and space) that affect our well-being. It combines pulse examination with astrophysical evaluation of a person to create a personalized treatment plan for the individuals.

Sensory Deprivation : Experiencing Nothingness

Lightless, soundless emptiness - sometimes that’s what an overthinking, overstimulated mind needs.The hustle bustle of our daily routines and city lives can leave us drained and sapped. Sometimes total relaxation may seem next to impossible- that’s what isolation tanks are made for. These isolation tanks, filled with epsom salts are designed for restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST). John C. Lilly, an American physician and neuroscientist created a tank to study consciousness by isolating oneself from external stimuli.These dark tanks allow you to float in weightlessness as all your senses experience deep rest. Improved breathing, recovery from allergies, healing the skin and anxiety relief- these are just a few of the benefits salt therapy promises to offer.If such atank is not your thing, you can even opt for a lighter version of halo therapy, where you can relax in a salt cave inhaling microscopic salt particles that clear the respiratory tract. And as they say, better breathing, better thinking.

Woga and Watsu : Healing with Water

Water has been hailed as the ‘elixir for life’- life exists where water exists. How better can you then experience its healing than by immersing yourself in it. Now imagine combining this with light movements aided by buoyancy. Woga and Watsu are aqua forms of Yoga and Shiatsu, the former being active while the latter is passive. In aqua yoga, a trainer guides you through different Yoga poses as you experience the metacentric interplay between water buoyancy and gravity. Watsu on the other hand is a more passive form of therapy where an expert cradles you and facilitates limb movements in a series of twists, turns and light bends. Both Woga and Watsu aim to provide pain relief, better joint movement and immense stress relief. Above all, you will sense physical liberation of a kind you’d want to experience again and again.

Mental Detox

Experiencing psychological and emotional challenges is a part of being a human. However, there are ways to effectively deal with these challenges in order to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Mental wellness is crucial to cleanse our minds, get rid of mental blocks and allow free-flow of thoughts and emotions.

Art Therapy : Expressing Yourself

While we are constantly communicating with people from work, family and more, often some of the deepest communication happens with oneself. Skipping this conversation-with-self for long can cause mental fog leading to repressed emotions and thoughts manifesting in unwanted illnesses and disorders.

By using one of the most creative forms of expressions, art therapy lets you connect with yourself without using usual forms of communication. A way of self-expression, art therapy could involve a mix of painting, doodling, scribbling, clay-molding, sculpting and pottery. By helping you confront emotions that you had been parking for long, these tactile techniques can assist you in experiencing a cathartic release that’s great for your mind.

Music Retreats : Flowing with the Rhythm

Music has value beyond entertainment. It affects your thoughts, feelings and even behavioral patterns. And so, from sound baths to healing medleys, music retreats from around the world have their own ways of curating programs designed for people seeking to introduce harmony and rhythm in their lives. In India, these programs are also often combined with Yoga and mantra chanting. You can either take up an instrument or explore your own vocal cords, depending on what’s on offer and experience oneness with cosmic sounds as you lose yourself in the moment.

Mindfulness camps : Embracing Awareness

Mindfulness is a simple practice of being aware of the present moment. As easy as it may sound, most practitioners will tell you how it can be an uphill task especially in the beginning. The constant chatter in our brains is something that we are used to and our thoughts may easily dwell in the past or future rather than being absorbed in the present. Mindfulness camps help you to move away from a reactive approach and gets one off an auto-pilot mode to a more aware and cognizant existence.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

With a better understanding of the consequences of our life preferences, cultivating a conscious interest in wellness is an obvious choice. Holistic wellness is an amalgamation of various conscious lifestyle choices- from eating healthy, to caring for yourself and your loved ones, to planning retreats that allow you to take breaks from the daily humdrum of routine life. By investing in wellness, you invest in you. By investing in wellness, you invest in a future driven by peace, harmony and tranquility and balance. At Avendus Wealth Management (AWM), for more than a decade, they have been helping UHNIs and Family Offices make the right decisions that ensure their overall well-being. AWM’s deep understanding of the distinct and evolving needs of clients enables to curate bespoke investment solutions for meeting their present needs and providing high-quality differentiated opportunities for a secure future.


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