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5 reasons to pick a pre-owned smartphone over a new one

While brand-new smartphones with latest features appeal to users, there are still many valuable advantages in choosing pre-owned mobile phones

Choosing a pre-owned smartphone comes with a remarkable advantage - significant cost savings that cannot be underestimated.(Unsplash)

By Yug Bhatia

LAST PUBLISHED 29.04.2024  |  12:00 PM IST

Life without mobile phones is unimaginable for most of us in today’s hyper-connected age. Smartphones have completely transformed the way we communicate, work and access information. Interestingly, there has been a remarkable surge in the demand and popularity of pre-owned smartphones over the last few years. As per a recent news report, around 25 million smartphones were bought and sold in the pre-owned market, and this number is expected to surge to 51 million units by 2025. 

While brand-new smartphones with latest, cutting-edge features undoubtedly appeal to many, there are still many valuable advantages to choosing these value-for-money devices over their brand-new counterparts. Here's a look at five benefits of choosing a pre-owned smartphone over a new one.


Significant cost savings: Choosing a pre-owned smartphone comes with a remarkable advantage - significant cost savings that cannot be underestimated. The prices of brand-new smartphones have been on a continuous rise, resulting in many people finding them beyond their means, especially those who prioritize budget management. Conversely, pre-owned smartphones are considerably less expensive, often obtainable at half the price of a new one. Pre-owned smartphones can be anywhere around 50 to 60% cheaper than new smartphones. Moreover, they offer the same level of quality as new devices, ensuring superior performance and sleek design. Hence, opting for a pre-owned smartphone enables individuals to relish the remarkable features of a high-end device without digging deep holes in their pockets. A choice that is undeniably smart and practical.

Reduced depreciation: Choosing a pre-owned smartphone comes with another benefit of reduced depreciation. Unlike a new smartphone, which starts losing its value as soon as it is unboxed, a pre-owned device has already experienced the initial depreciation phase. The previous owner of the device has endured most of it, so when you decide to upgrade or resell in future, you stand a higher chance of recouping a large part of your investment. This means you would lose less money when it comes to the resale value, thus optimizing the worth of your investment. This financial advantage enhances the attractiveness of acquiring a pre-owned smartphone.

Less environmental impact: Investing in pre-owned smartphones can make a significant positive impact on the environment. New smartphones generate a large amount of carbon emissions, with 95% of it coming from the manufacturing process. Moreover, new smartphones, when discarded, often end up in landfills and contribute to hazardous electronic waste (or e-waste). All these adverse impacts can be avoided by opting for pre-owned smartphones that give a new life to these devices. In essence, this involves re-cycling a product and curbing the demand for fresh production. This sustainable choice not only minimizes resource extraction but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint resulting from manufacturing processes. Moreover, it efficiently addresses the growing problem of e-waste. As such, pre-owned smartphones serve as a valuable tool for promoting sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Access to diverse range of models: The pre-owned smartphone market offers an extensive range of options to meet the requirements of different customers. While the newest top-tier phone models come equipped with impressive features, many users find older versions more than capable of fulfilling their performance, camera and other needs. Therefore, it is not necessary to consider only the latest smartphone releases when the pre-owned market offers such a diverse selection. By exploring pre-owned smartphones, one could discover the flagship models of previous years as well as affordable phones that offer great value for money.

Flexibility to switch devices: Opting for a pre-owned smartphone gives you the flexibility to switch to different models more frequently at a lower cost. With new smartphones being released in the market every year, the desire to upgrade to the latest technology is a common urge. However, by opting for a pre-owned device, you can easily sell or trade in your current phone and purchase a different model without the financial burden of buying a brand-new device each time.

In conclusion, opting for a pre-owned smartphone instead of a new one brings forth numerous advantages. So, when the moment arrives to upgrade your smartphone, consider all the factors carefully and make an informed choice. A pre-owned smartphone might just be the ideal selection for you.


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Yug Bhatia is CEO and founder of ControlZ, a premium renewed smartphone brand. The views expressed are personal.

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