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This new tool uses AI to fight AI-generated scams

Online protection company McAfee has rolled out a new AI-powered tool to help users spot and block AI-generated scams in real time

The McAfee Scam Protect brings together advanced AI with human threat intelligence to automatically detect and notify users of harmful URLs.(Pixabay)

By Team Lounge

LAST PUBLISHED 21.09.2023  |  04:40 PM IST

The new buzzword in the tech space seems to be ‘AI-powered’ with tech giants and companies constantly trying to up their game by investing in artificial intelligence (AI). Earlier this week, online protection company McAfee announced the launch of an AI-powered scam protection feature called McAfee Scam Protect.

The new tool, which uses patented AI technology, is aimed at addressing the rise in AI-generated crime, specifically phishing scams. According to the company, phishing scams are a top cybersecurity threat worldwide, with a new phishing site created every 11 seconds. McAfee Scam Protect brings together “advanced AI with human threat intelligence" to automatically detect and notify users of harmful URLs in texts before they are opened or clicked on, a press statement said.


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The use of AI in scams makes them more believable, making it harder than ever to tell real from fake. McAfee Scam Protection works towards identifying and blocking the scam for the users. For instance, users don’t have to worry if a delivery message or bank notification is real or not, McAfee’s new AI technology will immediately detect dangerous links and even if you click on it, it will block the site from loading.

“Our new scam protection technology is revolutionary, and we are excited to equip families and individuals with the most advanced AI technology that helps keep online scams and cyber threats at bay, so people can live their lives online with confidence," Greg Johnson, McAfee's chief executive officer, said in the statement.

McAfee’s AI feature runs in real-time and constantly analyses millions of malicious links from across the world to provide better detection. It also claims to protect users from advanced threats such as new zero-day threats that haven’t been seen before, the statement explains. According to the company, users will get a notification about a scam text before they even open the message. Once they grant permission to scan the URLs in the texts, McAfee Scam Protection will take charge.

The new AI feature works across Android, iOS, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. The text alert functionality is currently only available for all Android users, with enhancements coming to iOS in October.

For new customers, McAfee Scam Protection is available as part of a free seven-day trial of McAfee Mobile Security. After the trial period, McAfee Mobile Security can be purchased as a monthly or annual subscription.

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