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This new pet store in Bengaluru will also offer pet insurance

From paw ropes and catnip to insurance, Augie, a new pet store in Bengaluru has it all

Augie's first offline store recently opened in Jayanagar, Bengaluru. (Image courtesy Augie )

By Angela Mathew

LAST PUBLISHED 01.07.2022  |  01:00 PM IST

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Pet owners in Bengaluru now have an offline hub for all things animals. Augie, an online pet store has launched its first physical store in Jayanagar. The store offers food supplements, grooming accessories and toys to all types of indoor animals including dogs, cats, birds, and fish. 

Originally started as a website in 2021, Augie is an initiative by M. Parthasarathy and Dr. Ravi Pachaiyappan, a veterinarian. “We have more than 24 years of experience manufacturing feed supplements for poultry and cattle," says Parthasarathy, the CEO. "We became concerned about indoor animals like dogs and cats and wanted to create the best products for them. That’s how we started Augie."


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While the website and app act as an e-commerce platform for both their own products and resell products from brands like Pedigree and Royal Canin, the new offline store only offers Augie’s own products.

“We have done market analysis to see what issues our pet parents are facing," says Parthasarathy. "There are a lot of different issues like obesity, chicken fleas, joint and bone weakness. At the offline store, we have premium products that are only from the Augie brand to target these specific issues that pets are facing," he adds.

One of Augie’s products is their tick and flea repellent tags. The bio resonant tags get activated through electromagnetic waves and scalar waves within 27 days of the pet wearing it. The tags repel all kinds of ticks and mites and can be used for five years. They offer grooming brushes that help pets’ muscle tissue to heal after strain. Augie also has lavender scented shampoo, travel harnesses, adjustable collars for dogs, nutritious fish food and silicon brushes for small animals like rabbits. 

In addition to products, Augie also plans to offer pet insurance starting 22 July. “We want to offer services to keep our pets happy. We will tie up with insurance companies to cover things like monthly vaccinations or unforeseen hospitalisations for your pet," says Parthasarathy. Customers would pay an annual premium and their pet’s health care needs would be taken care of. In the future they also plan to foray into the pet hotel business to offer services like grooming and boarding. 

Augie Compassionate Pet Store in Jayanagara 9th Block, Bengaluru is open 7 days a week from 10 am to 9pm. Call 8792387057 or visit www.augie.in


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