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5 ways to get through the week, courtesy alpacas

Monday is almost over but you're still in need of inspiration to get through the rest of the week. Let these alpacas guide you

Screaming, dancing, hydrating, hopping, these alpacas have it all figured out.(Screenshot via Verity Aldous on Youtube)

By Team Lounge

LAST PUBLISHED 23.05.2022  |  05:15 PM IST

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Mondays aren’t easy. Especially if you have to sit through unending meetings being a team player, when all you want to do is get coffee and sit in a quiet corner. These alpacas have just the right tips to get through such struggles. 

Make some noise

Angry, sad, tired, happy, or need to vent? Shout it out (maybe into a pillow, though, and/or with your mic muted)

Get through it one task at a time

Visualise each task as a little puddle, and hop over it

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Or, go for something a little more strong, and pick from this selection of summer wines

Early mornings or evenings in nature


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Get your daily dose of Vitamin D while maybe spending quality time with a friend before you have to get back to the daily grind

Grab a friend, get some help, shake a leg

If you're ever overwhelmed, grab a friend and get their help. Or maybe dance it out – whatever it looks like they'd be good at!