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3 iconic pets from pop culture who were ideal companions

Yes, pets are fun, but they're also companions in grief, and act as our secret-keepers. Hedwig, Hobbes, Cat, are great examples. Here's why

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, with his pet owl Hagrid(Screenshot from the the first Harry Potter film)

By Team Lounge

LAST PUBLISHED 28.04.2022  |  04:45 PM IST

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As children, a lot of us discovered our hidden skills of persuasion when we argued passionately to try and convince our parents to get us what our hearts most desired. For some, it was the cool new pencil-case that some other kid in school had. For others, this was a pet.

Parents for their part, haven't ever been super thrilled with the idea, especially because it was evident that they'd be saddled with all the responsibilities of taking care of a pet. 


But some would eventually have to give in, whether it's because they can't take their child's demands anymore, or because they too secretly want a pet. A lot of the films or books that both kids and adults watch and read also have some say. One endearing fictional pet is enough to convince us of the promise of unconditional love and fantastic adventures that a pet could bring into our own lives.

Here are three iconic fur babies who continue to hold sway.

‘Hedwig’, the snowy owl from the Harry Potter series

No millennial or their parent can deny that the idea of an owl as a pet has come up at least once in their lives together. The fluffy, quiet, self contained beauty Hedwig, was (pun unintended) the stuff of magic.  Hedwig was the friend who gave Harry space, but came through when she was most needed, to deliver correspondences and even to save his life. The scene below from the first Harry Potter movie is an iconic one, capturing her graceful flight from Harry arm's, swooping through the Quidditch fields at Hogwarts.

‘Cat’, the marmalade tabby cat from Breakfast at Tiffany's

Okay, not many would have seen this as children, but Cat in the Audrey Hepburn starrer Breakfast at Tiffany's was the perfect companion to most grown adults making their way in the big city. As Hepburn's character, Holly Golightly says in a particularly important moment in the film, the two of them are “a couple of no-name slobs; we don't belong to nobody and nobody belongs to us; we don't even belong to each other." See the best scenes with Cat in this clip below.


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‘Hobbes’, the stuffed toy tiger from Calvin and Hobbes

Calvin and Hobbes, the comic by Bill Watterson ended in 1995, but the curious, sceptical, and highly wound primary school kid and his stuffed toy are still an evergreen and iconic comic strip duo. Hobbes comes alive to Calvin, as a constant companion, friend, and sibling all rolled into one. He may be a stuffed toy to the world, but it is with Hobbes' presence that Calvin finds reasons to fire up his delightful imagination, and it is with him that the single child can share moments of quiet introspection.