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What to watch this week: ‘Perfect Days’, ‘Sugar’ and more

Wim Wenders directs a Japanese film, Colin Farrell walks the mean streets, and other titles to watch

A still from 'Sugar'

By Team Lounge

LAST PUBLISHED 12.04.2024  |  10:25 AM IST

Perfect Days

A memorable, serene film from Wim Wenders is about a Japanese man named Hirayama, a toilet-cleaner in Tokyo. A man of habit, Hirayama has a daily routine he adheres to strictly. The film patiently follows him as he conscientiously works, drives his car, listens to American rock ‘n roll, and takes photographs of a particular tree. Kōji Yakusho is wonderful in the lead. (MUBI)


A rare Hindi-language football film, directed by Amit Sharma (Badhaai Ho). Syed Abdul Rahim was the coach of the Indian football team from 1950 to 1963. His methods turned this into a golden age of Indian football, when they frequently dominated the sport in Asia. Ajay Devgn stars as Rahim; Priyamani plays his wife. The second release this week with a AR Rahman soundtrack. (In theatres)

A still from 'Maidaan'


Hardboiled noir has made something of a comeback on TV in recent times, with shows like Perry Mason and Monsieur Spade. The latest is Sugar, a weekly Apple TV series with Colin Farrell as a Los Angeles private eye who’s hired to find a movie producer’s missing granddaughter. Directed by Fernando Meirelles, who made the brilliant Brazilian film City of God (2002). (Apple TV+)

Bade Miyan Chote Miyan

Firoz and Rakesh are super soldiers on a mission to stop Kabir, a scientist attempting to use AI to destroy India. The film marks the first teaming of Akshay Kumar, almost certainly Hindi cinema’s longest-serving action star, and Tiger Shroff, who could do with a decent film to go with his undeniable fighting and acrobatic skills. Ali Abbas Zafar, a director with a feel for commercial silliness, helms this action film. (In theatres)