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OTT releases to watch this week: Bottoms, Pokhar Ke Dunu Paar

A raunchy comedy about a feminist fight club, an intimate film from Darbangha, and other titles to watch

A still from Bottoms

By Team Lounge

LAST PUBLISHED 01.12.2023  |  10:00 AM IST


Director Emma Seligman teams up with actor Rachel Sennott for another comedy after the well-received Shiva Baby (2020). Sennott and Ayo Edebiri play unpopular high school students who, in a bid to attract the girls they are respectively pining for, start a ‘feminist self-defense club’. Edebiri, known for the TV drama The Bear, returns to her home turf, comedy; she’s perfectly matched with the hilarious Sennott. (Amazon Prime)

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Pokhar Ke Dunu Paar

A still from Pokhar Ke Dunu Paar

Darbangha is building a reputation as a cradle for talented filmmakers. This intimate 2022 film is by Parth Saurabh, who directed, produced, edited and wrote it. Pokhar Ke Dunu Paar played the festival circuit and is now streaming in India. It’s about a young couple, played by Abhinav Jha and Tanya Khan Jha, who eloped to Delhi. The pandemic forced them to return to their hometown, where they live in a dilapidated mansion and worry about the future. (MUBI)


A Nearly Normal Family

A still from A Nearly Normal Family

Stella (Alexandra Karlsson Tyrefors), 15, was sexually assaulted by a coach on a school trip. Her parents decide not to report the matter to the police. This decision affects the entire family. Stella drops out of school and at 19 is working in a cafe and dating a 32-year-old entrepreneur Christoffer Olsen (Christian Fandango Sundgren). One night, he’s found stabbed to death and Stella is taken into custody. Based on M.T. Edvardsson’s book of the same name, the Swedish thriller is a binge watch, as Stella’s attorney mother and pastor father try to look for ways to save their daughter. (Netflix)

Incredible Animal Journeys

A still from Incredible Animal Journeys

The series follows the incredible journeys animals take for survival. Beautifully filmed and narrated by actor Jeremy Renner, you will feel a roller-coaster of emotions: A humpback whale giving birth—the calf nestled against his mom to avoid drifting away; in an extraordinary act of kindness, a whale caught in fishing gear is pushed to the surface by a fellow traveller to catch some breath in her dying moments; a juvenile green turtle travelling alone—she will come ashore only after 30 years to mate. (Disney + Hotstar)

Compiled by Nipa Charagi and Uday Bhatia

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