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5 events to make a song and dance this week

Art shows on subjects as diverse as the environment and calligraphy, dance performances on the legacy of tawaifs and human connections, and a musical tribute, this week's got five good reasons to celebrate

An artwork by Shantibai on display at Chaos Trilogy

By Team Lounge

LAST PUBLISHED 20.04.2024  |  10:00 AM IST

Ecological Crisis
The Guild, Alibaug, has been consistently examining the ecological crisis of the past three decades and artistic responses to them. The Chaos Trilogy series is one such effort, with the initial two parts taking place in 2022-23. Now the final show is taking place at the gallery, featuring works by artists like Gigi Scaria, Baiju Parthan and Shantibai. Curated by Premjish Achari, the exhibition looks at how the environmental crisis has escalated due to the exploitation of natural resources. The various artistic responses hope to find alternative ways of looking at these issues. On view at The Guild, Alibaug, till 30 June, 10am-6.30pm (closed on Tuesday).

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Manjari Chaturvedi in Main Tawaif

Courtesans’ World
As Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Heeramandi gets set for its OTT release, there is a renewed discourse around the lives and times of courtesans. Manjari Chaturvedi has been reviving the legacy of tawaifs and baijis of north India through The Courtesan Project for the past 14 years. She is presenting a performance this weekend, Main Tawaif, in Delhi, which looks at gender dynamics underlying the lives of courtesans of 18th-19th century Awadh. Through a mix of monologue, dance, music and storytelling, Chaturvedi makes that era relevant to present times, as Main Tawaif questions societal norms and challenges preconceived notions. At Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, Delhi, 21 April, 7.30pm. 

A promotional poster for the tribute concert, Remembering Ustad Rashid Khan through Ragas.

In memory of
The Indian Music Experience in collaboration with Bangalore International Centre is hosting an evening of Hindustani classical music in memory of Ustad Rashid Khan. The performance titled Remembering Ustad Rashid Khan through Ragas features singer Debdeep Misra from Kolkata, who will this evening perform bandishes in Vilambit Khayal gayaki — a style of classical singing that Ustad Rashid was known for. Misra will also share anecdotes about the maestro's imprint on the raga gayaki heritage from the perspective of an admirer, disciple, and practitioner of the vocal tradition. At IME Performance Theatre, JP Nagar 7th Phase, on 20 April, 6pm.

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Promotional poster for Superhero

Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts in collaboration with director and choreographer Raghav Handa, presents the first sharing and process presentation of Superhero. In his latest presentation, Handa, who has worked with some of Australia’s most renowned choreographers and companies, explores the resilience of human connections amidst the distorted values of modern society. A collaborative effort involving dancers from Australia and India, Superhero is supported by the Centre for Australia-India Relations and the Australian government. At Bangalore International Centre, Domlur, on 21 April, 11am. 

Guldasta, a calligraphy artwork by Nikhil Aphale

Artisera, an Indian online-first art gallery will be presenting Nirakar Aakar, a solo exhibition of calligrapher Nikheel Aphale's contemporary artworks, in Bengaluru next week. An artist who uses his constant muse, the Devanagari script, to create evocative works of art, Aphale's latest exhibition sees him exploring the concepts of divinity, spirituality, and humanity. The 35 featured artworks are, as per the press note, ‘potent compositions that are visual interpretations of faith, human existence, and the society at large.’  At Bangalore International Centre, Domlur, from 26-28 April, 10am-8pm. The exhibition will also be on view online on www.artisera.com until May 12, 2024. 

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