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Lounge loves: Creamy coffee gelato, liquid gold, and more

The list also includes Netflix docuseries featuring Barack Obama and soundtrack of Modern Love Chennai

A grown-up gelato of dark chocolate with coffee.

By Team Lounge

LAST PUBLISHED 29.05.2023  |  12:19 PM IST

Melting happiness

Till recently, I was convinced lemon sorbet paired with raspberry sorbet, from Coppetto in Mumbai, would be my favourite gelato duo this season. I started craving it like coffee: after a heavy workday, post a meal, or on the way home from the airport. The sweetish tart flavours chase away exhaustion, headaches and summer blues, if only for a few minutes. Served in a cone, topped with a waffle chip, it’s a joyous sweet treat. Then, things changed: One day, I opted for a grown-up gelato of dark chocolate with coffee. The creamy coffee and creamier chocolate will please Gilmore Girls fans. The only downside is the large serving. On days when I must get my fix of these gelatos, I eat one less roti.—Jahnabee Borah

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Liquid gold

Maybelline New York Superstay Vinyl Ink Liquid Lipstick.

It’s tough to get liquid lipsticks right. They are the best when it comes to staying power—no lipstick in a tube, no matter how matte, will do the trick over hours of eating and drinking—but liquids can be drying and tend to get patchy. It’s a miracle how close the Maybelline New York Superstay Vinyl Ink Liquid Lipstick, launched last year, comes to achieving this holy grail. Even though it has a smooth, glossy texture, it’s completely transfer-proof (I wore it over six hours without staining every cup and glass I drank from) and it didn’t dry out my lips. At a little over 800, it’s a steal—while some luxury lipsticks achieve the same result, I can’t think of a single supermarket brand that comes close. Go for the shade Lippy—it will suit every Indian skin tone. —Shrabonti Bagchi

Why we work

A still from Working: What We Do All Day.

What exactly makes a good job “good"? Former US president Barack Obama sets out to find answers to this question as part of a recent Netflix docuseries, Working: What We Do All Day. Based on the 1974 non-fiction book of the same name by the American oral historian and radio broadcaster Studs Terkel, the series explores the life of 12 individuals—from service workers to CEOs—working in the home care, tech and hospitality sectors in the US. The series also explores compelling ideas and issues about labour and work, and what motivates these individuals to do the work they do. While Obama’s charming presence and interactions with all the people are a plus, the series is relevant for the Indian audience too, given the huge presence of the technology sector and gig economy in India.—Nitin Sreedhar

When love is music

Modern Love Chennai poster.

For a city that conjures up for me the singular impression of being interminably hot-hotter-hottest, the newly released anthology, Modern Love Chennai, on Prime Video came as a surprise. Stories and cast aside, a major reason for that is the music—a rich haul, with 18 original tracks, 13 of them composed by the maestro, Ilaiyaraaja. The soundtrack runs like a leitmotif through the six episodes depicting various phases of love—if Jingrudha Dhanga celebrates the first rush of love, the notes of Kaamaththup-Paal hit a crescendo, conveying unbridled passion, while Good Bye gently conveys the end of a romance. The list of composers is eclectic and includes Yuvan Shankar Raja, G.V. Prakash Kumar and Sean Roldan. But it is ultimately a homage to, and showcase of, Ilaiyaraaja’s prodigious talent, undimmed by age.—Mahalakshmi Prabhakaran

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