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3 great full body workouts that you should try

Some days, you want to get down to the basics and just blast your way through a short and intense full body workout. Here are three great options

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By Bibek Bhattacharya

LAST PUBLISHED 05.01.2024  |  08:00 AM IST

Sometimes, it’s just impossible to find an entire hour to workout. We’ve all been through this, and for those who have to factor in travel to and from a gym, this can become even harder. However, this isn’t a god enough reason to miss working out at all! Cheat days are all very well, but laziness is something else altogether!

This can especially become a problem when one is travelling. In fact, it’s a dilemma I’ve faced often. However, thanks to YouTube, help is always near. In fact, if you can spare even 20 minutes, you can have a perfectly useful workout. You can do this with just a pair of dumbbells, or with a resistance band, or even with just your bodyweight! Here are three great workouts you can try. A word of caution though: Even though these are short workouts, you must ensure that you warmup and cool down after the session.

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20-minute workout with dumbbells

One of my favourite fitness YouTuber is Chris Heria, and he has workouts that are suitable for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. The most important thing about his workouts, for me, is that he never forgets to add a good deal of athleticism to proceedings.

This 20-minute dumbbell workout is no different. Although labelled “for beginners", it is useful for just about everyone. Even if you are fairly advanced in your fitness routine, doing this workout on a day you’re feeling lazy will ensure that you don’t lose your conditioning.

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20-minute bodyweight workout

I always find bodyweight workouts a lot of fun, probably because there is something so pure about working with just your body, and gravity, for resistance. In fact, it is always a good idea to keep one day of every week aside, just for some bodyweight training.

This excellent 20-minute workout from TIFFxDAN will leave you feeling exhausted and exhilarated in equal measure. It hits every muscle group, and ensures that your core stays strong and stable throughout. Try it!

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25-minute resistance band workout

As much as I like bodyweight-based workout, I love resistance band workouts even better. Having its origins in physiotherapy, working with resistance bands gives you the requisite burn, but it’s also easy on your joints. Equally importantly, resistance bands are a breeze to travel with!

YouTuber Bully Juice always features some of the best resistance bands follow-alongs that you can find. And this new one is no different. The workouts focus just on getting your muscles burning, and true to form, Bully Juice wastes no time on useless talk.


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