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In your fitness journey, strive for progress, not perfection

Instead of focussing on attaining that perfect body, aiming to achieve small goals makes your fitness journey fruitful

If you are embarking on your fitness journey, start with doable goals like hitting the gym or running thrice a week. Consistency wins over perfection. (Unsplash/Fitsum Admasu)

By Dr. Siddhant Bhargava

LAST PUBLISHED 15.12.2023  |  03:00 PM IST

When people start their fitness journeys, they often dream of achieving that perfect body or flawless workout routine. But let us be real—chasing perfection is elusive and can sometimes leave us feeling a bit defeated. You are better off when you imagine your fitness journey as an adventure full of challenges and victories waiting to be conquered.  

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The secret of a successful fitness journey is to shift the focus from perfection to celebrating every step of progress along the way. Each little win will add up to something huge. Whether it is smashing a workout, feeling stronger, or doing a yoga pose without wobbling, every small victory deserves a high-five!

The beauty of this progress-driven mindset is like planting seeds of personal growth. Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all journey; it is unique for each of us. So, whether you are lifting a tad more weight or running a bit farther, these small wins build your confidence and keep you hustling.

Also, focusing on progress keeps you consistent, unlike the pursuit of perfection which can sometimes throw us off track. There will be days when you are at your topmost form and days when you can barely lift a dumbbell. It is all part of the game. Embracing these ups and downs is what makes you a fitness warrior in the long haul. 

Your mindset makeover will take out a gloomy approach to fitness and replace it with a happy one. Perfectionism tends to magnify our flaws, whereas progress makes the journey a hero. That positive vibe spills over into your whole life, making everything brighter. 

Do not aim for the moon right away—start with something doable, like hitting the gym three times a week or adding veggies to your plate. Small wins lead to big victories. Have clear goals, a diverse workout routine that keeps things exciting, and a diet that fuels your inner athlete. Rest days are like the cherry on top—they are vital for your body's recovery. Track your progress, use apps, and jot things down; seeing how far you have come will light that fire within you to keep going. 

In a nutshell, live by the motto “progress over perfection". Celebrate the wins, embrace the bumpy roads, and keep that positive spirit alive. Your fitness journey is not just about flexing muscles—it is about nurturing a happier, stronger you. Set achievable goals, and rock this journey one step at a time!


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Dr. Siddhant Bhargava is a fitness and nutritional scientist and co-founder of Food Darzee. 

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