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India to get a National Turmeric Board

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced setting up a National Turmeric Board on Sunday

Indian to get a National Turmeric Board. ( Karl Solano, Pexels)

By Team Lounge

LAST PUBLISHED 02.10.2023  |  09:00 AM IST

On Sunday, a day before Gandhi Jayanti, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced setting up a National Turmeric Board during his visit to Telangana, reports a story by Asian News International (ANI). The story quoted the PM as saying, “After Covid, awareness about turmeric has increased and global demand has also increased. Today it is important to pay more attention professionally and take an initiative in the value chain of turmeric, from production to export... Looking at the necessity of turmeric farmers and future opportunities, the centre has decided to establish a National Turmeric Board." 

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Turmeric, regarded as a superfood, gained worldwide popularity during the pandemic for its immunity boosting properties. The spice is integral to Indian cooking, and (like yoga) the west has adopted it too. It seems everyone just wants more of this food item which is often dubbed as a ‘miracle spice.’ They have used in roasted meats, soups, overnight soaked oats, dips—and the famous turmeric latte (the western version of haldi doodh). Infact, there is a brand named Diaspora Co, in the Bay Area of United States that sells the popular spice by sourcing it from India. There is a marked demand for turmeric which is believed to have powerful health benefits; from being immunity-boosting to anti-inflammatory.

Taking note of the demand, the PM’s moment comes at an opportune time. A National Board of a food item gives a boost to the farmers as well as exports. Telangana was an apt place for the announcement. Places like Nizamabad, Nirmal and Jagtial districts in the state ‘are known for their huge cultivation of turmeric’, says the ANI story. It will become the flagship organisation for promoting turmeric across the world, and will encourage farmers from all corners of India to improve their produce in terms of quantity as well as quality.

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