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An Indian chef gives a Norwegian twist to desi delicacies at a food pop-up

Indian chef Sakirat Waraich, who run the restaurant Nila in Norway's Kongsbergfrom, brings her unique dishes to Delhi

Chef Sakirat Waraich (left); and the dessert Kashmir to Kongsberg. (@nila.norway, Instagram)


LAST PUBLISHED 01.10.2023  |  09:00 AM IST

New Delhi, Sep 30 (PTI) An ongoing food pop-up here in the capital by Norway-based Indian chef Sakirat Waraich is cooking up a storm with its unique fusion of Norwegian ingredients and traditional Indian flavours.

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The three-day culinary extravaganza, currently underway at Perbacco, The Lodhi, aims to represent the exquisite merger of Norwegian and Indian culinary traditions -- inspired by the chef's well-known restaurant 'Nila' in Norway's Kongsberg.

Be it her innovative creations 'Nila-berry puri' (blueberry caviar, blueberry chutney, sweet yoghurt, tamarind chutney and spicy potatoes) or 'Indian heart Norwegian beat' (beetroot galauti, parmesan, porcini dust, lofoten seaweed tuile and yoghurt chutney), the delectable dishes in the menu transport diners to a world where tradition effortlessly embraces innovation.

"We are looking forward to introducing guests to exclusive Norwegian ingredients like brown cheese, truffle seaweed and many more, which will be blended with Indian flavours. Nila is my own journey of moving to Norway as a huge foodie and missing food which led me to start looking for ingredients giving flavours locally in Norway along with working as a dentist and creating this Indo-Norwegian cuisine," Wariaich, who also participated in MasterChef Norway 2020, told PTI.

The other exotic dishes in the menu, both for non-vegetarians and vegetarians, include 'Norsk Aroma' (cremini mushroom, panch puran Chevre, puff pastry, cucumber ribbons and apple cider tomato sauce) and 'You say cheese I say brown' (Norwegian brunost, figs, nuts, paneer, tomato onion sauce served with truffle seaweed bun).

Notably, there is a change in the ingredients for non-vegetarian delicacies.

Among desserts, 'Kashmir to Kongsberg', which is Kashmiri saffron panna cotta, brown cheese caramel sauce with Norwegian gingerbread and berries, gives a befitting end to the sumptuous meal.

The food goes off the table on Sunday.


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