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Prep for Navratri with these recipes for laddoos

Navratri begins this weekend, and here are three recipes for those fasting and feasting

Make a variety of laddoos for Navratri.(Prchi Palwe, Pexels)

By Team Lounge

LAST PUBLISHED 12.10.2023  |  04:36 PM IST

Food is central to the nine-days of Navratri celebrations that begin on Sunday. There are a variety of sweet of savoury recipes for those who fast and feast. It is time to prepare for the festivities with make-ahead treats that will last for several days. In the interest of those with a sweet tooth, here are three recipes for laddoos to make the most of this joyous time. Remember to stock up on ghee and jaggery.

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Peanut laddoo

This is the OG energy ball. An old-school recipe for peanut laddoo that will keep one energised and nourished through a long day of fasting. It’s perfect for lunchboxes too. Sweetened with jaggery, flecked with coconut shavings and white sesame, and spiced with a pinch of cardamom, this is the kind of quick snack that one would want to make all-year round. Your gym trainer will approve. Watch this easy recipe by Hebbar’s Kitchen.

Makhana laddoo

While the rest of the world have only recently discovered the many health benefits and recipes of makhana, this power-packed ingredient has been a part of the Indian kitchens for times immemorial. Makhana was only sold in bougie food retail stores a few years ago, but now they are easily available in neighbourhood grocery stores and Zepto. Get your hands on a big packet and try this recipe. It is enriched with cashews, almonds and sunflowers seeds, and spiced with—wait for it—coriander powder. Give it a try and share with your close ones.

Besan laddoo

The three-ingredient laddoo seems simple, but you need to master the technique for the perfect texture. In this video by the YouTube channel, you will learn when and how much ghee to add while roasting the besan so that the laddoos remain intact. Start with a small quantity; once you get the hang of it, it will be difficult to stop. Get cooking.

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