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Enjoy the monsoons with these recipes for healthy pakoras

Ditch deep frying, and learn to bake or air-fry pakoras to welcome the monsoon

Baked pakoras make for a healthy snack (Photo Courtesy: Anshu A, Unsplash.)

By Team Lounge

LAST PUBLISHED 13.06.2023  |  12:29 PM IST

Mention the word pakoras, and the first thing that comes to mind is oily, deep-fried snacks, that are best avoided if one is careful about their diet. But, monsoon is around the corner, and hot pakoras are synonymous with this season. To enjoy the rains, like a true foodie, try making them with less oil with these recipes. They are baked, air-fried or cooked in a paniyaram pan, with no compromise on crispiness and flavour. They will be just as tasty as the deep-fried version, to enjoy with a steaming cup of chai. Try out these easy recipes by chefs and YouTubers, and polish your cooking chops for the monsoon.

Moong dal pakora 

This recipe, with moong dal as the main ingredient, does not require any frying. Chef Madhulika Vatsal shows how to use an appam maker to cook them. As this dish does not require much oil, it is a low-calorie alternative. Furthermore, these pakoras do not need much time to cook and can be enjoyed in minutes with mint chutney or ketchup.  


No fry onion pakora

Chef Manali Singh shows how to make onion pakoras in the air-fryer. She also prepares the perfect batter and gives tips on the width of the onion slices for the perfect bite. Then, with the help of a little oil, the pakoras are ready in ten minutes.

Baked mixed vegetables pakora

Mixed vegetables pakoras are baked, like muffins, in this recipe by chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Make thin slices of vegetables, like potatoes and onions, so that they cook better in the oven. These vegetables are also spiced with turmeric and paprika for more flavour. To make them crispy, the key ingredient, is rice flour.

With these three cooking alternatives, you can make healthier crispy pakoras, thus making this the perfect snack to enjoy in the rainy weather.