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Make hash brown toasts for an indulgent weekend breakfast

A viral social media food trend for weekends that don’t include counting calories

(Left) A screen shot of hash brown sandwich with egg and bacon by @traderjoesfoodreviews on Instagram; and a screenshot of a hash brown toast with maple syrup, peanut butter, sea salt and egg by @ambitiouskitchen on Instagram.

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LAST PUBLISHED 23.09.2023  |  04:42 PM IST

The hash brown toast viral trend took social media by storm, captivating breakfast enthusiasts worldwide. It all began with a simple yet ingenious twist on the classic breakfast favorite. Instead of the serving it a breakfast accompaniment, creative minds started experimenting with various ingredients like avocado, eggs and cheese, to turn hash browns into breakfast sandwiches and toasts.

The trend's appeal lay in its accessibility; anyone could participate, turning breakfast into a canvas for fun experiments. All you need is packaged ready-to-cook hash browns and you favourite sandwich filling. Most recipe creators cook the hash browns in an air fryer; an oven or the good old non-stick pan will do the job too. Here are three recipes with hash browns and an array of stuffing options for an indulgent, easy and quick weekend breakfast.

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Better with avo

This is twist on the classic sourdough-avocado-egg open-faced sandwich. Replace the sourdough with hash brown. Mash or slice the avocado, top it up with eggs or heirloom tomatoes as shown in the reel, and enjoy it with your favourite cup of coffee.


The good stuff

Think of this as a spin on the English breakfast. It’s got eggs, bacon and cheese. And, if you want, you can add tiny pieces of tomatoes or smalls cubes of sausages. There’s onion for extra crunch, and you can add a pinch of garlic powder for some added flavour. Don’t forget the cheese. If you want to have it for brunch, serve with a tall mug of beer.


Sweet and savoury

The most creative is reserved for the last: peanut butter, generously drizzled with maple syrup, with a sprinkling of sea salt and topped with a poached egg with a runny yolk. Yummy. The play of sweet and savoury is perfect for those who love to experiment with recipes and come up with something new and fun. Bon appetite!



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