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A recipe for ABC juice from a celebrity doctor

If one of your resolutions for the new year is to eat—and drink—better, here are three recipes for power-packed juices

ABC juice is believed to detoxify the body.(Photo by Roman Odinsov, Pexels )

By Team Lounge

LAST PUBLISHED 06.02.2024  |  02:00 PM IST

Apple, beet and carrot are the holy trinity that go into one of the most popular juices, the ABC. It is believed to detoxify the body and give the skin a healthy glow. While this recipe is borrowed from the West, the Indian kitchen has mouth-puckering spiced amla juice. These recipes and more are featured in the list here:

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ABC juice from a celebrity doctor
Does the name, Dr Shriram Nene, sound familiar? The cardiothoracic surgeon came into the spotlight as the husband of Madhuri Dixit Nene. He has a YouTube page, Dr Nene, filled with easy recipes from his home kitchen, and one of the most popular is the ABC juice. While he uses a juicer to make it, you can blend all the ingredients in a mixer/blender, and drink it without straining for wholesome fibrous goodness. Add a punch of flavour with ginger and lime juice.


Fortify with amla juice
What’s winter without the nourishing benefits of amla or Indian gooseberry? Eat it whole or enjoy it in a juice. It can be tricky to turn it into drinking consistency with just the right balance of flavours. This recipe has tips and tricks to turn it into a healthy and delicious drink. It is spiced with cumin, peppercorn and curry leaves; and sweetened with unprocessed honey. Drink up to better health.

Got carrots? Turn them into a juice
It’s gajar halwa season. If you have been indulging a bit too much on this seasonal dessert, strike a balance with this power-packed drink. With just four ingredients—carrot, apple, ginger and water—this is the kind of drink that will make you feel good inside out. For added goodness, enjoy it with your breakfast.

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