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5 recipes for a wonderful Christmas

Here’s how to make eggnog, plum cake, mulled wine and more for a truly magical time

Easy Christmas recipes for a jolly good time. (Photo: Jed Owen, Unsplash)

By Team Lounge

LAST PUBLISHED 07.12.2022  |  05:28 PM IST

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It’s time to stock up on wine, sugar, spice and everything nice, because Christmas is just two weeks away. Preparations for the most magical time of the year is underway. So, roll up your sleeves and master a few recipes.

A creamy eggnog
Let’s begin with a drink. Christmas is synonymous with eggnog and this effortless recipe laced with cinnamon is perfect for the festive season. Do a trial before the celebrations start.

An old-school Christmas cake
What’s Christmas without cake? This one is a British-style recipe from the ingenious YouTube food channel, English Heritage, that features Victorian dishes. The only catch is the six-hour baking time which requires constant monitoring. In the end though, it will be worth it.

Easy baked chicken
There’s no need to roast a whole chicken when one can prefers the good bits, like the tender thighs and drumsticks. These can be baked with rosemary for a burst of appetising flavours. Throw in a few vegetables, some onion chunks and whole garlic cloves, place them in a tray and then bake for a few minutes. Serves with warm croissants and bread rolls with a side of mashed potatoes.

A mulled wine
There’s nothing like a warm glass of mulled wine for every weekend of December. Why confine something so good to just one occasion when it can add to month-long celebrations? This quick recipe by chef Jamie Oliver’s team is just what Santa ordered.

Vegan nut roast
While Christmas is usually associated with red meat and roasts, there is a whole world out there filled with vegan and vegetarian options. The proof lies in this recipe for a rich vegan nut roast.

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