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3 recipes for an Indian Christmas

No-bake eggless cake, Christmas cookies and marzipan sweets for the win

A screenshot of the marzipans from The Aspiring Home Cook on YouTube.

By Team Lounge

LAST PUBLISHED 21.12.2022  |  07:43 PM IST

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How to cook less and make the most of the festive season? These three recipes will unlock this answer. Each one is easy with useful hacks, so that you can spend time with your guests instead of toiling for long hours in the kitchen. They would make great gifts too. Isn’t this the perfect recipe for fun?

Here’s how to make a no-bake eggless cake, crispy cookies and colourful marzipan sweets:


No-bake, no alcohol, eggless Christmas cake
Although the name reads like the recipe is devoid of all the good stuff, it isn’t so. Instead of soaking fruits in alcohol, it uses orange juice; instead of an oven, it uses—wait for it—a kadhai! The end result is moist chocolatey cake with all the goodness of Christmas.

Christmas cookies
Go on Amazon and order cookie cutters, right now. The best ones come with a handle in the centre so that the cookie doesn’t break. You will learn this and so much more in this recipe video. The cookie dough can be frozen for last-minute baking. The crispy, thin cookies make for thoughtful gifts, they look great and go well with a warm mug of hot chocolate.

Goan-style marzipan sweets
This trickiest recipe is saved for the last. Like the cookies, these can be made beforehand, used as gifts and add colour to the festive table. In this detailed recipe, you will learn to not overuse food colour, get the perfect texture and combine colours for a touch of art. Goan-style implies the use of cashews, which are abundantly grown in the state, instead of almonds. Remember to get marzipan trays with Christmas-themed designs as the starting point.

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