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Victoria’s Secret fashion show is coming back as a film

After a four-year hiatus, the brand will present a feature-length film that reimagines its former flagship event

The Victoria’s Secret store inside Mumbai's swanky Phoenix Palladium mall.

By Team Lounge

LAST PUBLISHED 10.05.2023  |  04:06 PM IST

After a gap of four years, Victoria’s Secret & Co., a brand known the world over for its lingerie, will bring its fashion show back as a feature-length film this fall.

According to a Bloomberg report, the film will be available for streaming internationally. The fashion show, which ran from 1995 to 2018 and reached peak popularity in the 2000s, was discontinued after it received criticism for its retrograde portrayal of women, states the report.


The film will spotlight fashion collections from 20 artists from four cities, Bogota, Lagos, London and Tokyo, which celebrate the “individuality of women’s stories and perspectives," said Raúl Martinez, head creative director at Victoria’s Secret. 

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The film will bring back the “very best of entertainment and fashion our customers have been asking for," said Chris Rupp, chief customer officer at Victoria’s Secret. “We’re celebrating the iconic heritage of the brand through a new generation of artists, and we can’t wait to amplify their vision through our worldwide platform."

The original live event's viewership dropped eventually, as the show’s use of thin, mostly White, scantily-clad models known as “angels" fell increasingly out of step with growing inclusivity, says the Bloomberg report. It adds that at one point, the head of marketing said it wouldn’t include transgender or plus-size models. (The company later apologized.)

It’s unclear how much of a departure the new program will be from the original. The company described it as a mix of old and new, the Bloomberg report adds.

Victoria’s Secret opened its first store in Mumbai's swanky Phoenix Palladium mall last year. Unlike the black and pink boudoir-style old format, the Mumbai store offers more inviting whites and pastel pinks, the brand's relatively new after the global brand uphaul in 2021.

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