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Why the maillot will never go out of fashion

The maillot is perhaps the most flattering swimwear piece that offers ample style and comfort

A maillot by Shivan & Narresh

By Manish Mishra

LAST PUBLISHED 25.04.2024  |  11:00 AM IST

When it comes to women's swimwear, the humble maillot attracts perhaps the most attention. For, they are sexy, flattering as well as practical, far away from boring plain swimsuits and skimpy bikinis.  

That's why they are timeless and always in demand, says Nishika Bhagat, co-founder and chief executive at label Osé Studios.

"While bikinis certainly have their charm, there's something about the comfort and understated sexiness of a maillot that seems to keep them in demand," says Bhagat, who's seen a steady demand over the past few years for the maillot swimsuit that generally consists of a tank-style torso top with high-cut legs.

It's no surprise then that designer brands are constantly experimenting with the shape and style of the maillot. The inspiration behind label Shivan & Narresh's latest iteration are the visionary paintings by Hilma Af Klint, “where spirals symbolise the intricate maps unlocking the universe, reminiscent of snails and shells."

“These spirals are ingeniously designed to provide both support and the illusion of nudity, holding the bust in place while allowing women to wear it with confidence," says Shivan Bhatiya, founder and head designer of Shivan & Narresh, explaining the design of their new maillot.

He, too, notes that the maillots will always “remain an eternal summer piece, as it’s so versatile, seamlessly transitioning from beach to the bar and city when paired with skirts, shorts, trousers, or any resortwear."

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Not to be overlooked are the metallic swimsuits, which help one seamlessly transition from beach to bar, exuding a cocktail vibe perfect for any evening occasion. "Pair them elegantly with glamorous trousers or skirts, ensuring easy transitions from poolside to soirée, or carry them gracefully as bodysuits for the evening," adds Narresh Kukreja, creative director of Shivan & Narresh.

Even corsets and tube tops are getting added to the maillot design. “Maillots with interesting tube detailings are at a peak. Moreover, ⁠metallics are a great accent to uplift any look," says Aakriti Grover, founder of the label Flirtatious. "You can style these glam pieces with tone on tone layering or with parachute pants, satin column skirts. It is such an effortless way to glam up an outfit." 


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Plus, the addition of the bandeau top channels the currently trending 1970s' boho-chic vibe.

From Osé Studios

“Perhaps the only issue with maillot is that it seems to prioritise fashion and lounging on the beach over functionality for swimming or beach activities," Bhagat points out. “It's really a matter of choosing between being fashionable or functional. Now, it's time to find new innovative and creative ways to bridge that gap as well."

Manish Mishra is a Delhi-based writer and content creator.

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