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What's trending in India? ‘Skinification’ of hair

In an interview, Aveda's Amanda Le Roux talks about the growing interest in haircare in the Indian market and the changing beauty customer

Today's consumers are looking for performance from naturally derived ingredients and non-toxic ingredients, says Le Roux

By Team Lounge

LAST PUBLISHED 27.11.2023  |  05:00 PM IST

In the world of beauty, skincare is no longer restricted to the face and the neck. Scalp health is enjoying as much attention.  

“From scalpcare to scalp exfoliation, consumers are increasingly educating themselves on what’s best for their hair and scalp health," says Amanda Le Roux, senior vice-president at the American haircare brand Aveda International, owned by the Estee Lauder Group of Companies. 


Founded in 1978 by the late Austrian-born hairstylist Horst Rechelbacher, known as the “father of safe cosmetics", Aveda aims to create products, including oils, shampoos and conditioners, free of toxic chemicals. The brand recently completed five years in the Indian market; it has three flagshio salons in the country (Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru). “We have had an overwhelming positive response to our brand in the market," claims Le Roux, without offering any numbers. “Hair fall and damage repair are among the big concerns here (in India)."

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In an interview with Lounge, Le Roux, who was in India last month, talks about the growing interest in haircare among Indian consumers the market and the changing beauty shopper. Edited excerpts: 

How's been the India experience for Aveda?

The Indian consumer has become highly educated about the products they use, their ingredient profiles and key benefits. We know the consumer is focused on learning and researching their products, as we've seen a significant increase across platforms on ingredient-led searches. 

For example, rosemary is an extremely popular ingredient due to a trend influenced by social media, which has resulted in growth of our Rosemary Mint Shampoo.

A big global trend that is now gaining popularity in India is the “skinification of hair". Scalp care, exfoliation… people are learning more and more about what’s best for their hair and scalp health. This has, in fact, resulted in a positive response to our Scalp Solutions launch (a product franchise that boasts of scalp hydration).

Amanda Le Roux, senior vice-president at the American haircare brand Aveda International

How have you adapted your products and strategies for the Indian market?

By having the right mix of products that attract the local consumers. For instance, we have a range that hydrates and replenishes dry hair, a key concern in India.


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What does the haircare customer want?

Consumers are very focused on finding brands that have a clear articulation of brand values. They're looking for performance from naturally-derived ingredients and non-toxic ingredients. 

Personalization is also key, as consumers look for solutions tailored to their unique hair types and concerns. And because time is a luxury, convenience remains paramount, with a preference for easy-to-use, time-saving products that fit seamlessly into busy lifestyles. It's harmonious blend of product efficacy, sustainability, and individuality that are essential for today's haircare consumer.

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