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Hermès beauty line comes to India

After launching globally in 2020, the legacy brand enters the subcontinent with four beauty collections

Many of the colours in the beauty line, which includes nail paint and lip colours, are inspired by the leather colours used in Hermes garments and accessories(AFP)

By Team Lounge

LAST PUBLISHED 15.05.2023  |  06:57 PM IST

Luxury brand Hermès has launched its beauty line, Hermès Beauté, in India, three years after launching it globally. 

Hermès introduced its sixteenth métier in 2020 with a first emblematic gesture, Rouge Hermès, dedicated to the beauty of the lips. Now, four collections are available: Rouge Hermès, Rose Hermès, Les Mains Hermès and Hermès Plein Air. It includes 24 shades of lipstick, inspired by the rich colour references of the métiers of silk (75,000 shades) and leather (900 shades), Rose Hermès Silky Blush powder, a hand care cream, lip oils, Hermès Plein Air (a foundation and a tinted moisturiser).


“Hermès Beauty is part of who we are: a house where everything comes from creation, driven by artisans who seek to accompany the men and women of our time with elegance, with the integrity and authenticity that we represent. It is the quintessence of our affection for surprise and wonder, which embraces the object, its design, and the desire to be useful while inspiring dreams," explains Axel Dumas, CEO of Hermès.

Gregoris Pyrpylis, the creative director of Hermès Beauty, said the collection is "skincare meets beauty".

The work on the collection initiated in 2015. 

Pierre-Alexis Dumas, artistic director of Hermès, said, “We approached this new métier with our own language, that is to say that we are expressing the beauty of Hermès, or Hermès’ vision of beauty. We approached beauty in these terms: to show what is there, revealing it to its best advantage. The idea is one of benevolent artifice, which is not used to deceive, but to elevate. I associate Hermès’ beauty objects with self-fulfilment, with the colour of an individual’s personality.

"For Hermès Beauty, we worked with a wide range of colours, degrees of translucence and shine, in a quest for excellence that is true to our identity and the needs of our customers. Hermès Beauty took shape quite naturally as a dialogue between different métiers, and as a collaborative creation."