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From skinimalism to skin-cycling, the big beauty trends of 2023

Beauty has become highly dynamic, with a new ingredient, product format, or even a routine being introduced every week. Here's a look at what will rule the beauty space this year

Over the past few years, the Indian beauty market has become crowded with the launch of new products and brands. (Unsplash)

By Srishti Bharadwaj

LAST PUBLISHED 18.01.2023  |  09:00 AM IST

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Just like fashion, beauty has become highly dynamic, with a new ingredient, product format, or even a routine being introduced every week. 

While you may be looking to shake things up (new year, new me and all that jazz) by keeping up with Instagram “beauty gurus" suggesting the next game-changing, revolutionary product, there are a few beauty trends that should be on your radar.w Here are some of them:



This method suggests cycling between your products over a period of four nights, rather than slapping them on all together. Known to help build skin’s tolerance to actives, this one is as easy as they come. It consists of two nights of using active ingredients (Night 1: chemical exfoliant, and Night 2: retinol) and two nights for skin recovery (Night 3 & 4: ceramides and hydrating creams).

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Protect and correct

With a CAGR of 10% over the past five years, the sun-care market has exploded and we aren’t complaining. While the need for sunscreens all around the year has been established time and again, consumers have moved past plain vanilla sunscreens and have come to expect a plus benefit. There is a new wave of sun protection products catering to a variety of concerns like acne, dark spots, wrinkles, dehydrated and dry skin, loaded in a wide selection of formats, such as creams, serums, sprays, sticks and even powder.

The year of peptides


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2021-22 saw vitamin C break search trend records, transitioning spectacularly from wellness to BPC (beauty and personal care), and if our predictions are right, peptides seem to be following in vitamin C’s footsteps. Made from chains of amino acids, these building blocks facilitate collagen production, wrinkle-fading and wound healing.

Skin barrier health

From hours of scouring through keyword search trends of Google and Amazon across many months, one term remains consistent, barrier repair. Over-exfoliation and overuse of actives have led to barrier damage, leading to redness, inflammation, dullness and skin sensitivity. There has been a rise in consumers looking for products aimed at calming, healing and restoring.


With majority of us our bidding adieu to WFH, skincare-makeup hybrids are starting to gain traction, blurring lines between makeup and skincare and giving rise to skinimalism. This trend has brought in a new wave of products like tinted sunscreens, lash-growth eyeliners and even exfoliating cleansers.

Because aging isn’t just about wrinkles

Owing to a plethora of anti-aging ads, the focus remains on just fading wrinkles and fine-lines. Aging skin comes with a variety of other add-ons like age spots and dullness. That's why for anti-aging products just any other wrinkle fading ingredient doesn’t cut it. We see an increasing number of consumers demanding anti-aging plus brightening products. Brands, are you listening?

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Srishti Bharadwaj is product innovations lead (facial skincare), Plum Goodness.