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Mists to suit every mood

Hydrating mists can help keep the skin moisturised during the summer season. A list of scents to match different occasions

Mists are lightweight and airy thanks to their higher water content. (Unsplash)

By Tanay Thaker

LAST PUBLISHED 23.04.2024  |  03:28 PM IST

During summers, mists are a godsend. For, those cooling droplets offer instant calmness as soon as they land on the humidity-vexed body.

One of the reasons mists have such a refreshing effect is that they are lightweight and airy, thanks to their higher water content. 


Easy to carry and use, a mist is also ideal for skin maintenance when you are on the move. You can carry it on flights when the cabin air makes your skin dry. 

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The market is currently flooded with an array of fragrant mists to suit your every need and want.  A refreshing citrus scent can help you destress, while a soothing lavender scent can help you calm the skin. Hydrating mists with aloe vera or natural extracts, especially, can come handy to keep the skin moisturised in the summer heat. 

Here's a list of mist scents to suit your mood and the occasion. 

Post-workout: Energizing mists like strong citrus or fruity florals can help you feel re-energised after a long, sweaty workout. It will also help cool the skin. 

Beachside: A light mist with ocean-inspired fragrances like sea salt or tropical notes can help enhance the beach experience. Remember to go for subtle aromas.

Outdoor fun: When enjoying picnics or brunches outdoors, keep a mist with you that has floral or fruity notes, aligning with the casual summer vibe. In case you are heading out for a music or a food festival, a playful, fruity mist with vanilla or red-berry nuances can be of big help in further lifting your mood. 


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Pro tip: Layering the mist with scent-free lotion extends the longevity of the fragrance, ensuring you stay fresh all day.

Evening gatherings: For outdoor gatherings, such as garden parties or dinners, try mists with soft floral or woody notes, as they offer a sense of elegance and sophistication. 

Pro tip: Spritzing a mist on pulse points like the wrist or the neck creates a subtle, lasting scent.

Tanay Thaker is fragrance designer, SKINN by Titan.

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