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5 makeup looks to try for Valentine’s Day

Go for smoky eyes, or a soft glam look to shine on the special day

If clean, simple makeup is your vibe for the day, try a simple one-shadow look. For a more dramatic appearance, go for a high-voltage eye look with different shades of one colour.(Unsplash)

By Neha Chhabra

LAST PUBLISHED 13.02.2023  |  08:02 PM IST

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Outfit? Check. Restaurant reservation? Check. The perfect gift? Check. Hairstyle? Check. Now, all you need to decide for your 14 February date with that special someone or your gang of friends is a makeup look that makes you shine.

Worry not, for here are some trending looks you can try.


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Subtle smoky vibe 

This look features a clean makeup base, with not too much foundation. Just a little concealer in the under eye area and around the face to brighten up.

For eyes, use a brown eye shadow and blend it all over the lid. Use a lot of mascara. For lips, use a nice bright red lipstick, because why not.

Bronze it up

To get this look, first apply a soft layer of concealer around the eyes. Then blend in a little brown colour on the outer and inner corners. Place your ring finger tip in the centre of the eyelid and apply gold shimmer in the centre of the eyelid. Simply bronze the rest of your face, and use a light concealer shade to brighten your under eyes. Finally, add a lot of mascara to make your eyes more prominent. 


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Green flag

Make a nice base around the eyes and add a brown colour on the outside corner, merging it towards the inside. Apply a subtle green colour on your lid using your fingertip. Again, add a lot of mascara to emphasise the eyes. Blush up to highlight your face. For the lips, apply a brown lip liner and a nude lipstick.

Go glam

The eyes need a good base, so use a good beige colour on the eyelids and on the outer corner. Make it a little more intense by adding a brown shade again. On the bottom lash line add a dash of colour for your eyes to pop more. So, add a green eye pencil and top it off with green shimmer powder. Make sure to contour your cheekbones. Use a nude lipstick and a gloss on top to give your lips a glamorous look. 

Neon look 

Take two bright neon colours and combine them. I would suggest green and pink. A milder green shade, for instance, should be applied to the inner corner of the eye and blended evenly, followed by a hot neon pink on the lid and plenty of mascara. Use a good white kajal to make your eyes pop more. Apply a suitable foundation. For cheeks, use a pink tint, and for lips, a matte baby pink lipstick. 

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Neha Chhabra, director of Keywest Academy of Beauty and Makeup.